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Sexy Girls really do come up to Don Broco then…!?

Look at this seriously… Your not going to believe your eyes and are going to love it, love it! Sorry girls, looks like Rob is now taken, but by who? Check it out here..

Don BrocoAfter trying to spend the day feeling sorry for myself with the most awful hangover in the world, (Happy New Year HTF readers) I did not at all expect to see this..

It’s not just some ‘bookish and old fashioned guy’ as the Daily Mail have quoted… It’s only Don Broco‘s front man, Rob Damiani! Yes he really is holding hands with Kelly Osboune!! Looks like sexy girls clearly come up to him eh? Oooo errr!  I bet he f***ing loves it, loves it! Ha!

The Daily Mail’s online website have just released an article declaring Kelly Osbourne‘s new love interest. I just expected some random chap but no there was Rob plain as day in not one, but three separate photographs. I love how much the Daily Mail dis his dress sense and have no idea who he is..! He is quite clearly a fashion god to many and one hell of a guy to bag!  This guy is far from the ‘geek’ he has been portrayed, and is definitely one of rock’s finest! They didn’t honestly expect her to date anyone not cool now did they? Here at HTF we salute you Miss Osbourne!

If this continues and the photo evidence is correct this could mean bigger and better things for Don Broco perhaps? Happy 2011 boys!

Catch Rob and his band members at work in their brand new video for their song ‘Top of the World’ here on a previous HTF post made a few weeks ago.. CLICK HERE

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