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Russian Orthodox Activists Aim To Ban Cannibal Corpse

Russian Orthodox activists are making moves to get Cannibal Corpse shows in the country cancelled by the authorities. Find out more with Hit The Floor.

Credit: Facebook

Floridian death metal mob Cannibal Corpse are running into some opposition to their proposed gigs in Russia. Dmitry Tsorionov , leader of the Russian Orthodox social movement ‘God’s Will’, is pushing for authorities to ban the band from performing.

Tsorionov said believers condemn the bands lyrics which promote ‘religious hatred’ and glorify violence, and that they contravene blasphemy laws implemented in July 2013 that make it a criminal offence to upset the ‘feeling of religious believers’.

CC’s eight date Russian tour is due to kick off in Krasnodar on October 2nd. 

Russia seems to be becoming an increasingly difficult places for Western acts to gain access. Earlier this year Marilyn Manson had to cancel a concert in Moscow over fears of a bomb threat, and Poland’s Behemoth were briefly jailed and ordered to leave Russia over visa violations.

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