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Review: Black Shapes – Sleep, Sleep, Sleep (Album)

See what we thought of ‘Sleep, Sleep, Sleep’ the debut full-length record from Black Shapes!

Band: Black Shapes
Release Title: Sleep, Sleep, Sleep (Album)
Release Date: 14/10/2013

Oi! It’s about time to put down that shitty ‘hXc’ militant straight-edge cassette tape that all your fucking mates love and wrap your dirty lugholes around ‘Sleep, Sleep, Sleep‘, the soon-to-be released debut full-length from South-East London clan Black Shapes.

Kicking you straight in the teeth from the start with ‘Treason, Heresy And Witchcraft‘, there are more grooves in this than there are in your nan’s oldest bra. A bit of everything’s gone into this crusty mixing pot of metal, punk, a spattering of old-school hardcore and even a bit of the psychedelic that comes in the form of Jon Goldthorpe’s guitar tone in the mid-section. The chugged-up ending is the perfect head-nod, gurn-face moment or if you’d rather kick your friends drinks out of their hands then I suppose that’s up to you, isn’t it?

Dropping down just slightly to ‘This Requiem‘, droning guitars, wailing notes flying all over the place, an almost delicate stomp forms the base to this track, frantic sections of pummeling ferocity come in swinging every now and then before slowing down completely into ‘Sin Of Sinners‘, the first single taken from ‘Sleep, Sleep, Sleep‘.

They took me down, to the river, to wash away the sin of sinners

Sleep With The Gods‘ is your perfect hallucinogenic soundtrack, the type of track in which you could munch on a shit-load of LSD, sit on your front porch in your underwear and trip the fuck out, it’s almost a journey into ‘Nerissa‘, the pick-me-up pounder. Now the pacey ‘The Echoing Grief‘ drags you into the filthy sludge of ‘Midnight Brides‘, head first screaming into the dirt whilst guitarist and vocalist Gareth Evans urging you to ‘embrace utopia with jaded eyes‘.

A Clear View Of Static‘ could be your nighttime peace or your nightmare, embrace it with kaleidoscope imagery and interpret it at your will, nothing short of terrifyingly beautiful as the heavily punk influenced ‘Age Of Porcine‘ comes swaggering in like some sort of rowdy local with an ulterior motive, filled with groove partaking in some sort of oddball dance into ‘Legend Of Web‘.

Our Temptress The Sea‘ is daunting, slow and weighty bringing ‘Sleep, Sleep, Sleep‘ to a perfect close, leaving an engraving of deep proportions in the listener’s mind. This record, I am not afraid or tentative to say, will blow your brain out of your cake-hole so in any case, don’t wait around when this drops. I’m pretty sure that you can pre-order from In At The Deep End Records also, it’d be worth your while to have a mooch at that!


Reviewer: Luke Davis

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