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Protafield | Interview | June 2014

We had a chat to Britain’s hottest new industrial rock act Protafield, check out what was said right here!

British industrial rockers Protafield, look set to break into the limelight this year with the release of their brand new album Nemesis. Here at Hit The Floor, we have been digging the album and you can read our review of it right here! We spoke to the band about the brand new album, their Sonisphere set and what you can expect from a Protafield live show. Here is what went down.

HTF: So you guys have just been announced for Sonisphere Festival, how does it feel to be playing?
Protafield: It feels great to have been asked to perform this year, especially with the line up that they have, its the first festival for PROTAFIELD and certainly not the last, we are looking forward to catching up with a few of the bands there too.

HTF: You recently just played at the Camden Rocks Festival, how did your set go down?
P: It was great to play Camden Rocks, really well put together festival that… that was the very first show for PROTAFIELD, so was extra special, set went down really well.. was a bit odd playing in the afternoon, but we still did what we do, and it was so good to see familiar faces that came to see us when we were titled under my solo artist name, the support and belief is there and we are so lucky for that. The Electric Ballroom is a rocking place, so was glad to flex our muscles on that stage.

HTF: Give us a little introduction to your band, how would you describe your sound?
P: Protafield is a concept idea from myself and Burton of Fear Factory, I wanted to put the final piece of the jigsaw in our live act, so creating a new name and adding a little more to our already well tested sound was the final piece to that Jigsaw, Our sound is of so many genres but recently Punk-Industrial seems to be sticking, and suits it well.

HTF: What do you guys bring the live circuit that is different to other bands?
P: A live show with some theatrics, I was seeing so many bands that would turn up in T-shirt, Jeans with some hair gel and play their music… which of course is fine, but when everyone is doing it, nothing jumps out, plus I build my own live set, make pylons and risers, sort out our own lighting rigs, and Truss… we want everyone to see, feel and be apart of the whole plot, story and event.

HTF: Your brand new album Nemesis is out June 9th, what can we expect from it?
P: Expect a lot of different styles of music put into one mind, and performed on lots of different instruments… but it does hit hard, think… NIN, MUSE, NERO, FEAR FACTORY, PRODIGY, TOOL, DEFTONES all in one.

HTF: The album has already been released in Germany, how has the reaction been to it so far?
P: The reaction in Germany has been insane!! there have been so many amazing album reviews.. it has taken me and the label a little by suprise actually… there has not been any reviews that have scored the album below 7/10 and are all so positive and we look forward to performing there soon with HELLYEAH.

HTF: What was the main inspiration behind the album, what gets your creative juices flowing the most?
P: Daily life, Science, religion, culture….discovery, the world is crazy place so much, hate, love, deviance and games so much out there for any creative head.

HTF: What band or artist made you decide, yes I want to be in a band, who are your heroes?
P: There have been so many but the main ones would be – Queen, Sepultura, Prodigy, Fear Factory, Mudvayne, Slipknot……. ABBA

HTF: You are supporting Hell Yeah in August, what other plans do you have for the rest of the year?
P: We have so many tours being discuss right now, we want to do whats right for us… HellYeah was a perfect starter for this project, and we have many more coming your way 🙂

HTF: Finally, what do you hope to achieve this year, have you guys set yourself some goals?
P: This year is all about touring, getting the name out there and hoping that people see a difference here within this saturated market, we do what we do and if that brings tours, sales and new followers then we are grateful and happy with that.

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