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A Plastic Rose | Interview | June 2014

We caught up with Ian from A Plastic Rose about their new album and video, touring, relocating and Black Sabbath. Check it out here.

Source: Facebook

If you haven’t already seen A Plastic Rose already this year then you are about to as they are everywhere, the Irish and neo-Notts boys are cropping up on dates all over the UK as well as part of The Barclay Card British Summer Time with Black Sabbath. Check out what happened when we caught up with Ian about tours, their new album ‘Flickering Light Of An Inner War’, music videos and the Midlands.

HTF: You seem to be constantly on tour, how have your June dates been?
Ian: We’re touring as much as possible at the moment, taking our music to people and gathering a following the old fashioned way. June has been brilliant so far. We finished off our May/June stint with a big homecoming show at Spectrum festival in Belfast, and it was just beautiful to come home.

HTF: You recently completed work on your brand new album which is due out next winter, What was the writing process like?
I: We rent a practice space where we get in a few times a week, so we really stuck our heads down and went for it, practicing 10 hour sessions and writing as many tracks as possible. We managed to get around 50 demos recorded ourselves, from which we chose the 14 tracks on the final record, through a long process of listening, re-listening and discussing potential album tracks and arrangements. We’re really happy with how that went.

HTF: What can we expect after ‘Camera.Shutter.Life’?
I: The second album is going to be called ‘Flickering light of an inner war’, and represents a big step sonically for the band. As with the first album, we hope to have made a really coherent record, with recurring images, metaphors, themes and motifs to draw everything together. It’s a more energitic sounding album, which should reflect our live energy, and is full of wall of noise guitars and face melting riffage.

HTF: Your video for ‘Someone’s Daughter’ came in April and you recently shot your next one – what can we expect?
I: The upcoming video for ‘Autumn you into the dark’ is in quite a contrast to ‘Someone’s Daughter’, in that it’s shot live as a performance video, with some clever ideas and camera tricks which I won’t spoil. Directed by David Louis Lankester, who has done some great videos for Baby Godzilla (a must-see Nottingham based band doing crazy well at the moment), it’s a great achievement and a real eye turner! The song is due out on June 30th, and the video will be on our youtube page

HTF:  Originally as a band you’re from Belfast but you relocated to Nottingham. Aside from being slap back in the middle of the UK,  what attracted you to Nottingham?
I: Logistics were the main factor in choosing Nottingham – we can be in London at two hours notice for a gig, or up to Edinburgh or Glasgow. That just means we can tour as much as possible and make things easy for ourselves, bookers, and promoters to facilitate that. Since moving here, we’ve fallen into a great DIY, cooperative, and energetic scene, with bands like Alright the Captain, Plaids, Baby Godzilla and Indiana the Girl making waves. We practice in a studio-cum-BYOB venue, with some great bands coming through, so although we miss Belfast with all our hearts we couldn’t be happier here.

HTF:  Amongst your already hectic but amazing summer schedule you’ve been announced on Barclay Card British Summer Time – How does it feel to be playing on the same bill as Black Sabbath?
I: It’s an absolutely amazing opportunity and an incredible line-up. I don’t think, given complete freedom, we could have picked a better list of bands. Having played the Sony stage at last years BST, we’ve upgraded to a bigger stage and will be sharing it with Gallows among others. We’re completely buzzing.

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