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Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder Creates A Stir With Anti-War Rant

Eddie Vedder of grunge rock band Pearl Jam has created quite a stir with a politically fuelled rant, find out what he said here!

Pearl Jam have recently just been on a small run of dates in the UK, and it was a welcome sight for a band that doesn’t really bless us with their presence all that often. Last Friday, July 11th 2014, the band’s lead singer, Eddie Vedder, created quite a stir with a very politically focused rant.

In their second encore, Pearl Jam played an all time favourite, ‘Daughter‘, and about a month ago the band themselves even added their own little bit of the now Disney classic Let it Go. Although for some reason, we didn’t get the light hearted addition, instead we had a politically fuelled rant, which seemingly was directed at the conflict in Gaza.

“At the same time this positive is happening, at the same fucking time, not even that far away, fucking dropping bombs on each other.” Eddie proclaimed, “And I get if war is the last resort… I get it, I get it…. But I swear to fucking god, there are some people out there who are looking for a reason to kill. They’re looking for a reason to go across borders and take over land that doesn’t belong to them and they should get the fuck out and mind their own fucking business… Everyone’s the fucking same. So why are people at war. Stop the fucking shit, now! We don’t want to give them our money, they don’t get our taxes, to drop bombs on children. Now!

What do you think? Should bands be giving these sorts of speeches, or is it not for us to get involved in?

One fan managed to catch the moment on camera, and you can check out that video for yourself below:

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