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Me Vs Hero | Interview | Hevy Fest 2014

Check out what happened when we caught up with Me Vs Hero at Hevy Festival here

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Keeping quiet since ‘Days That Shape Your Life’ was released four years ago the lovely Me Vs Hero are back after a few ups and downs, member changes and recording issues. We caught up with them after they graced the main stage set at Hevy Fest to hear about their new album ‘I’m Completely Fine’, upcoming tours and returning to Hevy after so long.

HTF: Hi guys. How did the set go today?
Me Vs Hero:We liked it, we enjoyed it. It’s the first time we’ve played a lot of the new songs off the new album, the only downer is that we have been travelling for seven hours and a few of us have only had two hours sleep, me included.

HTF: So after four years since the release of  ‘Days That Shape Your Life’ how did you approach writing ‘I’m Completely Fine’?
MVH: We had started writing it like right away and then we had some member changes, so that put a hold on some things and then we just wrote it bit by bit. Some songs came out in a day some took like a week or longer. We sort of got ourselves ready to get in the studio two years ago so it was almost within a six month period or something we had to finish writing everything. But then we had to re record it three times because we had a vision, if you can have a vision of a sound, of we wanted it to come out so when we got to the stage when we got our first mix back from Romesh (Dodangoda) it was like a relief for it to come out how we wanted it.

HTF: What’s it like to be back at Hevy?
Weird, because it is way smaller now. The stages are back to being massive which we like but there’s not a lot of people here which is a bit disappointing. But it is a good little festival and we love the layout, it’s not so massive that you have to walk miles to go see someone and is easy enough to find people if you all get split up.

HTF: How has ‘Marks Of A Slave’ been received?
We love that tune, it’s the only one in a different time signature, so it has that like swing to it.
Our sounds changed a little bit so we expected bits of comparison but it’s been good. We wanted to a variety of songs and not just to do ten songs that sounded the same.

HTF: After keeping quiet for so long what’s left for 2014?
We’re heading out on tour throughout September with Roam! Our album ‘I’m Completely Fine’ comes out on the 1st of September from then on we will be very very busy. Hopefully touring as many places as possible!

You can check out Me Vs Hero’s latest album ‘I’m Completely Fine’ now via Banquet Records or iTunes, or check out our review here.

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