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The Males – Her Golden Blood | EP Review

Check out what HTF thought of The Males’ brand new EP ‘Her Golden Blood’ right here!

Credit: Bandcamp

This good old fashioned noise-rock, punk three piece from London are standing tall and shouting louder than ever to promote their brand new EP Her Golden Blood.

Taking their influences from the likes of The Melvins, Refused, Queens of the Stone Age and of course AC/DC, this three track record might not be the longest but it packs quite a punch.

The first song ‘Cut Her Off’ distinctly sounds like a grungier version of Don Broco’s earlier work. The pulse of the drums and the tear-away guitar riffs make this song a perfect summer anthem. Vocalist and drummer, Lewis Young, delivers a vocal performance, layered with the kind of punk attitude that we here at Hit The Floor just love to hear.

Seamlessly flowing into the track ‘Golden Gates’ this song lacks any obvious structure that you would usually think to find but, strangely, it really works. At just over two minutes in, we are greeted with a subtle yet effective little break down which sees the rise and fall of the distinctive guitar riffs and bass lines, bringing us back to grunge ground zero and the party punk delights that suit this band so well.

Lastly, ‘Hot Blood’ leads us out in style with a much more melodic approach and even more punk comparability, wrapping up this album in a bright red bow but without the knot! The record leaves us immediately wanting more and we are certainly looking forward to seeing these energetic Londoners hit a few more stages over the coming summer.

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