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Is This The End Of Motley Crue?

Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil talk about leaving the band. Find out more here!

With the much anticipated UK tour over, and the movie almost finished, Nikki Sixx talks about leaving Motley Crue once and for all.

With support from Steel Panther and Def Leppard headlining, Crue fans have been dying for this UK tour to happen and were not let down. But it could be the last.

The reviews were exceptionally gracious, as The Guardian described Tommy Lee’s drum kit rollercoaster as “a sight almost as eye-popping as his infamous sex tape.” It’s a shame that Def Leppard could not have the same response as they were referred to as “overly Americanised.”

But Nikki Sixx has said after the show that he is thinking of packing it all in at when the movie comes out.

Nikki gave Sleaze Roxx this statement: “I don’t think this band was meant to last and we’ve lasted way longer than anyone ever expected us to. For us it’s about trying to find the right time to end it (the band) correctly. We’ve had that talk as a band and even in the last year or so we’ve spoken that at some time we’re going to want to wrap this up. I feel really proud of the band but we are taking steps to finish the movie and when we do we’ll look at that time. When the movie comes out it’ll be time to finish on a high note, on a positive, and not like we’re breaking up. I think that’s a good thing and will probably put us about 35-years which is a long time for a rock band which is cool. We’re not sad, we’re happy.

But he’s not the only one thinking of leaving. Vocalist Vince Neil told the Las Vegas Sun that he was thinking of leaving after the run of shows at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas.

Vince said: “It’s not definite, but I am thinking seriously about it”

Motley Crue is one of the biggest Rock N’ Rollers to come out of the 80s and are still extremely popular today. After already discovering that neither member of the band is successful unless they’re in Motley Crue (remember Tommy Lee’s Rap band? No neither do we!) so why are they packing it all in?

It has been no secret that the band hate each other, it’s all written in ‘The Dirt’ the famous Motley Crue book written by Neil Strauss that gives you an inside about the band, and all the juicy stories in-between.

Ten years after ‘The Dirt’ was released the band continued, fuelled by hatred instead of passion for music, but it hasn’t let their performance slip.

So has this hate driven band gone on for too long? Only time will tell.

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