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Interview: We Are The In Crowd (Hit The Deck Exclusive)

We caught up with We Are The In Crowd ahead of their set at Hit The Deck Festival, see what happens with screaming fans, cottage cheese and sim cards after the click.

4Pop punkers We Are The In Crowd are renowned for the amount of success they have had with their debut album ‘Best Intentions’.  Released in 2011 the band have repeatedly toured and released hit after hit from the release.

With press and fans relentlessly pestering them for news of a new album there are hopes that  We Are The In Crowd will please us all pretty soon.

Year after year We Are The In Crowd have climbed up the main stage bill at Hit The Deck Festival and that is where HTF caught up with them.

You can find out more about We Are The In Crowd via their official facebook page:

HTF: How’s Europe?

Mike: It’s great, it’s actually been pretty warm but it’s gotten progressively colder since Germany.

HTF: How was Bristol? Do you think Nottingham can top it?

Tay: I think so,

Cameron: I already have a feeling.

Tay: Bristol was really good though, I really enjoyed it, it was fun.

Jordan: We’ve only been there once before, so it was definitely cool to see everybody having a good time.

Mike: Nottingham we’ve played a bunch of times too.

HTF: Any unusual tour riders?

Mike: I used to be in a band that had a Indianapolis Colts helmet filled with cottage cheese, that’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever asked for.

Rob: We want a baseball signed by Shaq!

Cameron: I don’t know why a baseball but yeah.

Tay: I just ask for puppies to play with but I’ve never gotten it.

Jordan: I’d be stoked if we got puppies.

HTF: Who are you excited to see today?

Tay: Our friends in We Are The Ocean, Vinne Caruana and Title Fight. We didn’t get to see anybody yesterday because the venues were so spread out.

HTF: Have any of your instruments got nicknames?

Rob:  My drum set kind of looks like candy canes or Waldo (Wally to us British).

Mike: All our instrument bags have different weird names on them like Anthrax or Hambone.

Jordan: Mine just says Jordan.

Rob: Mine says E.E.P Smiley Face.

Jordan: Tay’s says potato

Rob: Mine just says Robert.

Jordan: I think I did that,

Cameron: No, I did!

HTF: Is there anything different you are bringing to the live show this year?

Jordan: We’re playing a lot of songs this time that we didn’t play last year so it’s going to be cool playing some slower jams.

HTF: Weirdest tour incident to happen?

Rob: Everyday something happens. Yesterday someone tried to jump on our bus whilst the door was open. I was in our bay getting a drum head out and I hear this group of girls go ‘run on the bus!’ So I’m like ‘oh no you don’t’ and then she ran away laughing and Tay was just sitting in the front laughing.

Jordan : Like, we love you but that is our home please respect it.

HTF: Tour essentials?

Mike: A £15 top-up voucher for THREE.

Jordan: We’ve been here that many times that we’ve learnt to get unmarked phones and just pick up UK sim cards.

HTF: What’s up for the rest of 2013? Is there going to be another album?

Tay: Yes, there will be a record.

HTF: Are you forced to jump through hoops or is it more of a natural process for you guys?

Mike: It’s almost too natural, that’s why it takes so long.

Tay: We don’t have any specific dates or anything like that but we’ll keep everyone up to date and we’ll be releasing singles between here and then.

HTF: Are you keeping the same sound or are there any new influences?

Jordan: I’m actually going to be playing the saxophone.

Rob: We’ve got trumpets.

Tay: The whole records not written yet so I have like no idea.

Mike: A lot of big band stuff, Rob’s really into Motown and we play a lot of stuff like that around the bus and it’s kind of seeping into our writing style.

Jordan: We just put out a cover with our friend Alex Goot to get the ball rolling and that is on YouTube and we’ve got another song come soon that will be a surprise.

HTF: How’s is the tour with Never Shout Never?

Jordan: It’s been awesome.

Mike: They’re easy people to live with we’re sharing a bus at the moment so that helps.

HTF: What is it like to be able to tour on one album so much?

Tay: I’m definitely grateful for that, I think if we were sitting at home wondering why we don’t have a tour I’d feel a little worried about what was going on so it is definitely very comforting to know people are still interested in us.

Jordan: We’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of international tours and even in the last year alone we’ve been to so many different countries.

Mike: The record was received really well internationally as well as domestically so being able to play a lot of places once, twice maybe three times is amazing. The fact that we kept getting invited back meant people liked it as much as we did so I think we’re all thankful that we were able to grow as much as a band over the last year and a half since we put out ‘Best Intentions’. It gives us a lot to bring into the studio for the next one.

Interviewer: Amber Carnegie

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