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Interview: Villains (HTF Exclusive)

We caught up with Villains just after their show with Blitz Kids last week. Check out what happened right here.


Villains are a band built from the ashes of one of Essex’s most established bands and now they’re together in the form of Villains. Last week they supported Blitz Kids at their album launch show in London and what a show it was. The band are set to release their debut album next month and you should all make sure you grab a copy when it’s out.

We caught up with frontman Renz, check out what happened right here.

HTF: For the people out there that haven’t listened to villains how would you describe your sound?

Renz: A little bit of everything perhaps? It’s just kind of rock music but with a bit of an Essex twist I guess!

HTF: You supported blitz kids in London this week and you got some great comments. Did you expect the reaction you got?

R: Not at all! We didn’t think anyone would really know who we were but there were plenty of people singing along which is always a great thing. All the Blitz Kids fans were super friendly and positive too, really good vibes at that show.

HTF: How did you find the shows yourselves?

R: I felt I could’ve done a bit better, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it and that’s the main thing, the crowd were great!

HTF: Do you think support shows like that are a good way for bands like you to reach a wider audience?

R: Definitely, if you already have an open minded audience looking forward to seeing who their favourite band is picking to open them then you have alot more chance of winning people over and everyone having a good time.

HTF: If you could create the ultimate show line up what three bands would you like to play alongside of?

R: Taking Back Sunday
The Smiths

Easy! If we’re doing only current bands then maybe The Used and Rihanna. She’s great.

HTF: Your first single ‘The Fall’ is out now, why should people part their hard earned cash to download the track?

R: Oh you don’t have to, but if you like the song and you’re reading this hopefully you’d be up for parting with 79p for endless hours of enjoyment!

HTF: Does ‘The Fall’ showcase how your debut album will sound?

R: It’s a pretty good showcase for it yeah, singles bands release tend to show off the general sound the band have whereas album tracks can show what else a band can do.

HTF: Do you have a date for it’s release?

R: Feb 24th. Can’t wait to get it out there!

HTF: What other music out there inspires you at the moment?

R: Bit of an ecclectic answer but the main two things I’m listening to are an awesome band called Forever Can Wait who we toured with at the end of last year, all such super guys and they’ve just released an E.P called Beauty and Grace which is amazing And the other one is Boyz 2 Men, I’ve become a bit obsessed with harmonies and some boy bands have incredible ones. They’re the two artists making be passionate about music at the moment in particular.

HTF: What one thing do you want to achieve this year to make 2014 a success?

R: Would love to be playing a couple of festivals this summer and a support tour or two later in the year, we’re shooting another
video soon to hopefully have out for around the albums release and then just take it from there!

Interview by: Rhian Westbury

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