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Interview: Pure Love (HTF Exclusive)

HTF have a chat with those guys in Pure Love whilst they were touring the UK this week. We speak about their new incredible debut album ‘Anthems’, tour supports & donkey rides? Check out more inside..

Pure Love Interview

Ex Gallows front-man Frank Carter is now a new man in a band that sees him playing music the other end of the scale. Pure Love have been making waves from the off and after seeing them live in Exeter late last year it was obvious what all the fuss was about. Their live stage shows are awesome and with their debut album ‘Anthems’ being released last week, HTF were keen to chat with the band.

Pure Love began another headline UK tour to promote the album release at the start of the month and HTF were lucky enough to chat with them about their recent release and more! Check out our exclusive chat with the band below..

HTF: Hey guys, firstly wanted to thank you for taking time out to speak with us. How are you today?

Very well, thank you for asking. Hope you are well too.

HTF: So your album ‘Anthems’ is released this week and we must say it is an absolute belter! We expect you are ecstatic to have it out there finally. As I uploaded it into my iTunes it told me I was listening to ‘The Pure Love Makers’ which made me laugh. What was the thoughts behind this?

It’s been an amazing feeling to finally have it released. It’s been a long bumpy road for jimmy and I so it feels good to finally have it out there. No idea who the pure love makers are?! Maybe gracenote was having a bad day.

HTF: I noticed your fans sing along to a lot of your tracks at your shows already and go completely mental. What are you expecting from this tour now the album is out there for them? We predict carnage.

No expectations ever. We just go out every night and try to play better than we did the show before. It’s important for us to push each new show and see exactly where our limits lie. We havent found them yet which is good.

HTF: All of your music videos are really cinematic. We absolutely love ‘Beach Of Diamonds’, who was the brains behind that?

Our friend and mentor Ross Cairns who has been with us since the very beginning. When we started the band we spoke to him about taking it on as a long project and he has been amazing and constantly gives more than we ever think possible. Great guy, great director!

HTF: Why did you decide against the norm ‘band performance’ type video for that?

We don’t enjoy doing a band performance type video ever. I think of you want to see a band at their best you should go and see them play on tour and try to go to the show that has the lowest ticket sales.. That’s when you see a band really work hard.

HTF: We know that Frank is old friends with the guys in Scholars, who recently toured with you. Do you get a choice in all the bands who support you?

Always! It’s great to have Bands you enjoy on the road with you. It also helps if they are nice people!

HTF: Are there any bands that you know of that you think we should check out? Or someone who you would like to tour with in the future?

We are touring with Turbogeist and The Vestals at the minute. They both deserve your love. Also chain of flowers are a great band!

HTF: What are you plans for the upcoming festival season? Is there anything in the pipeline yet that you can reveal to us?

Nothing I can reveal yet unfortunately. But there are plans. Big plans!

HTF: (sorry bog standard question alert) What are the rest of your plans for 2013.

Building an army of lovers that let us continue to play wild rock and roll shows and hopefully start writing album 2!

Thanks for chatting with us guys! Good luck with the album and the rest of tour and we hope to catch you soon! HTF x

Thanks for having us.

Interviewer: Steph Knight

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