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Interview: Press To Meco (HTF Exclusive)

Ahead of their performance at this years Download Festival HTF caught up with Press To Meco. Check out what happened right here.

Press To Meco 
were one of the judges choices in this years Red Bull Studio’s competition and thus won a slot performing at this summer’s Download Festival. 

The band played the Red Bull Studios’ stage late on Saturday afternoon and a few hours before their set we managed to catch up with them. In true festival fashion the rain made a massive appearance halfway through forcing us to take hide out under a burger van! Who said festivals weren’t glamorous?!

Check out what happened when we caught up with the band right here.

HTF: Hi guys, so hows your weekend going so far?

Yeah really well, like we didn’t arrive until about one o clock yesterday and it took ages to sort all our stuff out. And it’s good cause there’s loads of other people here we know. Like other bands but people from Crawley where we’re from. Like so many.

HTF: Have you managed to catch many bands so far?

Yesterday we saw a few and Dave showed us a band called Blood Command who we thought were sick. With this little cute blonde singer and then she’s mental. And The Algorithim, like they packed out the tent. And like their drummer Mike is one of closest mates and they were well good!

HTF: Are you planning on seeing many other bands over the weekend?

We haven’t really thought about it yet really. When you’re playing you’re more fussed about getting your stuff in line, your gear loaded and stuff. Like we love Jimmy Eat World fans but their set clashes with ours, and we’re definitely looking forward to seeing Queens of The Stone Age again and Iron Maiden aswell.

HTF: Are you more excited about your set or nervous?

Excited really, I was nervous before but like everyone’s got it under control and the crew they’ve got is really really good. Nervous though cause you never know what’s going to go on though. But the sounds good, like with the smaller stages it’s so much easier to control. If you’re in a big tent and you’re not right in front of a speaker it might not sound that good. So we’re lucky.

HTF: Are you expecting a big crowd at all?

I mean we have a fair few friends and if it starts raining again when we’re on hopefully everyone will come in the tent. But you never know.

HTF: How are you planning on celebrating after your set?

I’ve got a litre of Jack Daniels ready, waiting. And we’re being filmed so hopefully that will make some good footage!

HTF: Are you planning on hanging around all weekend?

Yeah definitely. As we said we’ve got a lot of mates and mates bands here and like the other Red Bull bands.

HTF: Were you expecting to get this far in the Red Bull competition?

No way. Like the video had only just released for ‘Affinity’ and it came out just in time like when the Red Bull competition started and we just thought let’s put it up and hope people watch it. It’s just a really good way to get more people knowing about the band. And before we knew it we were in the top 100.

HTF: Did it almost feel better being a judges choice?

Yeah it felt great, like it would have been amazing to get through on public votes but at the same time to know that the judges liked us. And especially the people you have respect for like the Red Bull label and like Don Broco. Like 2 years ago they weren’t much bigger than we are now and now they’re like main stage Reading. It’s insane. Even if we were to aim for that height, it just shows it can be done.

HTF: How have you found the response from the EP?

Yeah like it was out last month and it’s been really cool. With the press it’s been a bit more of a mixed response this time, it sounds weird to say but it’s been nice to have them. Like a couple of people didn’t really like it but on the flip side some really loved it. I think that’s nice about the EP rather than everyone being like yeah it’s alright.

HTF: How was the EP launch show?

Amazing, like it almost sold out which was great cause like a lot of our mates had stuff that came up last minute so couldn’t make it and so a massive part of the audience were people who had never seen us before. Like one girl came and said to us she’d heard us on the rock sound CD and wanted to check us out.

HTF: Thanks for chatting us, hope the set goes well!


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