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Interview: Obscure Pleasures (HTF Exclusive)

Obscure Pleasures are a Birmingham based band who have previously toured with William Control and Fearless Vampire Killers. HTF were lucky enough to catch up with them and get exclusive details on their upcoming plans.

Obscure Pleasures InterviewsObscure Pleasures are and up and coming electro/ dark wave band from Birmingham who have previously toured with the likes of William Control and Fearless Vampire Killers. HTF were lucky enough to catch up with front man Joshua Bateman and get exclusive details on their up and coming release.

HTF: For anyone who hasn’t heard of Obscure Pleasures how would you describe your sound?

Josh: In the words of a drunk Mancunian I met just after playing The Moho in Manchester, “That was sound lad, you sounded like New Order if Ian Curtis had fronted them.” In that gentleman I trust!

HTF: You toured with William Control and Fearless Vampire killers last year how were the shows for you guys?

J: Just amazing, I mean all of my life it’s been a main aspiration to tour the UK and play my songs to people every night and I was lucky enough to do it with one of my all time favourite bands! We also made great friends with Fearless, they’re all such lovely gentlemen, you can’t help but love them. We made so many great memories and fans from that tour, one of the best times of my life.

HTF: How do you find the music scene in Birmingham for a band starting out?

J: Honestly? I don’t think there is one. It’s all generic hardcore clones, an orchestra of flat peaks and cliché’ break downs, I find it a crashing bore. We were lucky enough to play the shows with William Control and gain a fan base who understand our music, it’s been tough but we’re finally starting to build that underground group of wonderful fans who treat us like a cult, it’s what drives us.

 HTF: You’re playing Dark-Cide festival in Preston in May, are you guys excited?

J: Really excited to tell the truth! It’s an honour to be asked to be apart of it!

HTF: Will this be your first festival performance?

J: It will be! I really like what the whole festival represents, it’s going to be one big dance party.

HTF: You played your debut headline show last month, how did you find it compared to support shows?

J: It was mind blowing, I think it was the moment I finally realised how much this music means to people, hearing that many people sing the words you’ve wrote alone like a choir in unison is something I’ll never forget.

HTF: Are there any plans for another tour any time soon?

J: We’re looking into it, yes. We really want to get back to London and Manchester soon, maybe Scottland? We will have some news for you soon.

HTF: You said on facebook you’d like to do a Goth Harlem Shake, can we actually make this happen?

J: Haha! Oh it so needs to happen, me and Ryan have some pretty messed up ideas, going David Lynch on this, ha!

HTF: Hit The Floor gave your EP ’Origins’ an 8/10. How have you found the reaction the EP from everywhere else?

J: You did indeed, thank you for the kind words. In all honesty we were all blown away by the response we received from Origins, personally I never felt like it was an album, more just a collection of songs that captured a moment in time for our band. I love hearing people rate it as one of there favourite albums and seeing pictures of it in collections next to the likes of Placebo and Bauhaus records, great feeling.

HTF: What are your plans for your next record?

J: Well, I am pleased to announce that we have started writing for our first ever full length album. It’s a concept record and it goes by the name of “Eulogies”. This is the record I’ve wanted to write my whole life, the record I was born to write if you will. I’ve had the title and idea for around 2 years now, I think I first spoke to Ryan about this just before Private Peep Show was released. Don’t want to spoil you too much right now, maybe a new single later in the year…Trust me, you’re going to love this.

HTF: Thanks for chatting to us.

Interviewer: Rhian Westbury

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