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Interview: Marmozets (Butserfest Exclusive)

Ahead of their first ever headline tour, we sat down with Becca, Sam and Jack from Marmozets to talk new releases, Maida Vale and chilli con carne…


Northern five piece Marmozets have been keeping their heads down this summer, resurfacing for this year’s Butserfest just before their forthcoming headline tour. We had a sit down with Becca and Sam Macintyre, who (with a little help from guitarist Jack Bottomley) talked us through what’s in store for the raucous mob.

HTF: Here we are at the end of the festival season! How has the summer been for you?

Becca: We haven’t been doing shit all really.

Sam: The summer’s been alright. Been about, doing some stuff, kept it pretty low profile so didn’t do many festivals. We attended them.

Becca: Yeah we attended them. We went to Leeds, Reading, Glastonbury…

Sam: Been raining though. It’s England

HTF: What else can you expect! Your set’s later on today, you looking forward to it?

S: Yeah it’s going to be fun

B: We haven’t played for a little while. Last time we played was Sheffield, we played at Tramlines, so that was a while ago.

S: We haven’t played a show in ages so we’re looking forward to getting back up on the horse. Just going nuts and having a good time.

HTF: What can people who haven’t heard of you before be expecting from the set?

B: Loud noises.

S: A new song

B: Yeah, a new song, we’re going to be doing a couple of new songs.

S: We’re sorta staying away from our old stuff now and trying to pursue the newer thing we’re doing. Still good though.

HTF: Does that mean we’re edging towards a new release?

S: Potentially. Yeah, we are!

HTF: Stop trying to be coy! Marmozets is made up of two sets of siblings. Who’s related to whom?

B: Us two are; me, Sam and Josh, the drummer. And the bassist [Will Bottomley] and the other guitarist [Jack Bottomley].

HTF: Does it cause any rivalries in rehearsals or are you all just close-knit?

B: We’re literally all best friends. We don’t have any other friends apart from each other.

HTF: Cute! You did a session at Maida Vale recently, how was it?

S: It was sick! Arctic Monkeys were playing next door, so we got to watch a free show and it was great. They basically played their new album in full, then that was it.

J: Zane Lowe turned up

S: Yeah Zane Lowe was there for a second

B: He’s quite a funny guy

J: [In a New Zealand accent] The Arctic Monkeys

B: He sounds just like he does on the radio, doesn’t he?

HTF: Enough about Arctic Monkeys and Zane Lowe, how was it for YOU?

S: Really quick and easy and good.

B: In and out type thing.

S: Straight in, 45 minutes and back out

HTF: From here you’ll pretty much be heading off on your headline tour, it starts in a couple of days…

S: Does it?!

B: Shit it does. We’ve got to do a shit load of washing mate.

HTF: Guess that’s the good thing about being in a band with your siblings!

S: Just do each other’s washing

B: Cook each other food. Well, mainly I do. The boys just make man food, it’s all greasy.

S: I don’t!

B: No you do make a good chilli con carne, actually.

S: Mate I cook, I cook really well!

HTF: Is it your first headline tour?

B: Yeah first ever headline tour. We’ve only ever just gone on tour with other bands.

S: First time we’ve done a headline show in like a year.

B: Looking back, when we said we wanted to do a headline show we’d have to be in the right place where we’d be a lot bigger and a bigger fan base in order to do it.

S: We’re just doing it for fun

B: We’re just literally doing it for fun. We know there are people around going “they’re only going to get 12 people per show” but we really don’t give a crap. We’re going to have fun doing it, we know we’re going to have a busy year so we might as well cock on and get on with a headline tour, have some fun. Then we’re working on our album.

HTF: So we suppose being the headliners is the most exciting thing about the upcoming tour!

J: And the scariest thing at the same time.

B: Yeah, and the scariest. It is quite scary.

HTF: What can we be expecting from the upcoming album?

S: A punch in the face. No it’s gonna be awesome. We’ve got it sorted but we haven’t recorded it but it’s gonna be [pops lips]

B: We’ve got a lot of exciting things coming up.

S: New album’s going to be sweet. Brand new tracks.

B: We’ve got a track coming out very soon with a music video, so we’re very excited to get that out.

S: We’ve done a music video for a song called ‘Move Shake Hide’ which will be out sooner than you think.

HTF: One final question; why should the readers of Hit The Floor check you out?

S: ‘Cause there’s no question about it! It’s not a question! Nah, just check us out because…

B: We’re siblings, which makes us a little bit different for a starter. I would say we’re very passionate about what we do and we want to do this long time, we’re not just dickheads going around getting pissed. Well we do get pissed but we don’t take it for granted what we do, we’re very passionate.

S: We work hard.

B: We work very hard.

S: So why not?! Give it a chance.

B: Give us a chance.

S: PLEASE. Just one chance, please!

Interviewer: Freya Cochrane

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