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Interview: Hopes Die Last

We sent Steph HTF to Cardiff to have a chat with Italian emo/post-hardcore band ‘Hopes Die Last’. One problem.. they don’t speak much english! Check out the very short interview here..

Interview - Hopes Die Last

Following the footsteps of bands such as Underoath and From First to Last, Hopes Die Last from Italy are contenders for the winning formula in the actual post-hardcore scene. So when they landed an awesome tour of the UK supporting America’s Attack Attack! HTF sent Steph HTF to go and have a chat with them.

Little did we know they don’t speak much English at all and it set the record for HTF’s shortest ever interview!! Luckily our good friend Steve knew a few Italian words and we managed to knock together this brief interview for you all. We find out about their new album and how they are huge fans of the TV series Lost.

Check it out here and see what you think..

HTF: Hi guys, How are you doing? How’s the tour going so far?

HDL: Fine. Our second time in UK. Its great here.

HTF: So what made you decide to have two vocalists in your band?

HDL: We like both screams and singing so we put both together. Daniele and Marco were the right guys, work well together.

HTF: What do you say to people who call your music unoriginal?

HDL: Don’t listen to it.

HTF: Why do you think some people would think that?

HDL: We don’t know.

HTF: Have you got a big following in Italy? If so, is that why you wanted to spread your wings to other countries?

HDL: Yes.

HTF: What’s your favourite monument in Italy?

HDL: Colosseum

HTF: So what are your plans for the rest of 2011?

HDL: We have a new album coming out in September. Still working on a name at the moment.

HTF: How did you come up with the names of your previous albums?

HDL: Names come with the lyrics. Our old screamer came up with the name for our ‘Your Face Down‘ EP though.

HTF: Is that a Lost badge on your jacket?

HDL: Yes we are very big fans of lost.

HTF: I never really understood it if I am honest?

HDL: You need to watch it from beginning to end.

HTF: Thanks for your time guys!

HDL: Thanks for the interview.

For more information on the band check out

Interviewer: Steph Knight / Steven Anson (Translator)

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