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Interview: Eyes Set To Kill (HTF Exclusive)

Eyes Set To Kill have just released their latest album ‘Masks’. We caught up with the band around the release. Check out what happened right here.

Eyes Set To Kill are a half and half band. Two males and two females make up this exciting band. Taking residence in America the band are currently touring with Scar The Martyr (America get all the best tours!). They have just released their fifth studio album  (first with Century Media Records) entitled ‘Masks’. 

We caught up with vocalist and guitarist Alexia and screamer Cisko. You can find out more about Eyes Set To Kill right here

You can check out what happened when we met the pair right here.

HTF: Hi guys! How are you?

Alexia: We are great now that the album is released. It is one album we worked on the hardest so Im stoked to hear what fans think.

Cisko: Yes! We’re also prepping to go out on the road soon with Scar The Martyr which is exciting cuz we have been anxious to get back on the road.

HTF: Your album ‘Masks’ is out in America already and due out next week here in the UK. Are you proud of the finished product?

Alexia: Im very proud of “Masks” because we are excited about the new sound and direction of the band. We have made creative changes for the better and actually had a lot of time to produce it. Working with Steve Evetts was also a plus side of the process because we all love alot of the work he has done on some of our favorite bands albums like Glassjaw, He is legend, everytime i die, sepultura ect.

HTF: Have you heard much feedback about the album yet? Was it what you were expecting?

Alexia: We have had nothing but good feedback so far on the album. The only thing i have heard that was negative was ” you guys sound to raw and organic” which is hilarious cuz that is exactly what we were going for. I like my guitar tone the way it is and I am against re amping. And I also wanted the drums to be more natural and not be too replaced sounding. All of my favorite records have that type of sound so why not follow in the steps of the artists that influence me?

Cisko: Yea, I’ve been reading a lot of review sites, & just comments from our fans on our Facebook & people are pretty stoked on it. It feels really good to be apart of something that everyone gets just as excited about it as we do.

HTF: Eyes Set To Kill are celebrating their tenth birthday this year. Do you have anything special planned to mark the occasion?

Alexia: haha no I guess the release of Masks is our way of celebrating our ten year mark.

Cisko: Maybe we’ll go to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate! Portillos anyone?!

HTF: You streamed the album online a week before release. What made you make that decision?

Cisko: Well it had already leaked online so people were already listening to it. PureVolume let us stream the album with meanings we have behind the songs & that was cool cuz we hasn’t been able to do something like that in the past. I feel like people love that option now a days. If they love the album that much, they’ll go out & buy it regardless.

HTF: You’re touring the US at the moment, do you have any plans to come over to the UK any time soon?

Cisko: I hope so! It’s been a while since we’ve been on that side of the pond so hopefully sooner than later.

HTF: Does touring ever get hard as a band?

Cisko: I mean it does have it’s ups & downs at times, but we love being on the road. I think we feel more at home on the road than at home. Haha

HTF: Finally what does the rest of 2013 hold in store for the band?

Cisko: Hopefully lots & lots of touring! We spent so much time writing our album that now all we want to do is be on the road & play these songs for our fans.

Interview by: Rhian Westbury

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