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Interview: Continents (Exclusive)

We have a chat with Welsh hardcore metal band Continents and find out all about their recent tour and how their Merch guys likes to be sexed up..? Ha ha! Find out all the gossip here..

Having making a big impression across the country recently when they went on tour with Boys With Xray Eyes, HTF took up the opportunity to have a chat with Welsh lads Continents.

Having a very hectic and distinctive sound is definitely in at the moment and the reaction they had on this tour was enough in itself to prove they have big things to come. We have a chat with the band and find out all your typical tour gossip and if they are planning to do any festivals this year!

For more information on Continents check out their Facebook –

HTF: Hey guys! So how are you?

C: Hey! We’re incredibly well thank you! Things are moving really fast for us at minute so we’re all just trying to keep on top of it all!

HTF: So you just finished a tour with BWXE. How was it for you and where in the country would you say was your best show?

C: It was awesome. Due to some band issues BWXE were unable to accompany us for the English dates we played, but our good friends in This Distance filled in for them in Camden so we had some good hangs with them. To pick favourites would be unfair because all the shows were killer and we really enjoyed meeting new people. However, the kids in Bristol really raised the bar when we played there and they even named one of our newest songs!

HTF: So I see you are endorsed by Knucklehead Strings. Did you want to tell us a bit about that? How did that come about?

C: Yeah my friend Ash plays guitar in a band called Brutality Will Prevail and he mentioned them to me quite a while ago because he swears by them, but since Continents weren’t really kicking off then I didn’t bother looking too far into it since we didn’t change our strings all that often. Then when we started playing more regularly I sent them an email about endorsement since I was paying like £8 a pack for the string thickness we use and I’m so, so glad I did. They offered us a place on their roster and gave us artist prices, and when we ordered our first batch they even sent us a hand written letter in the package and some other little goodies to welcome us to the family. They’re made by a guy and his wife in a tiny town in America called Chugwater, which is awesome enough in itself, and to be honest, after using them I’d never go back to using other shop sold brands.

HTF: What have your fans got to expect from you in the next couple of months?

C: Well, we’ve just booked into the studio for the end of May to record a single and B-side which will be a re-recording of an old song. We’re not quite decided on which one yet, but we’ve got a poll up on our facebook for our fans to have a say in it and they’re leaning towards ‘Larry Leadfoot’. Then from there it’s gigging all summer in the build up to us recording our debut record in the winter. We’ve already been announced on shows with bands like Heart Of A Coward and Silent Screams and we’ve got a few other leads to follow up so hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot of us up and down the country this year!

HTF: How would you describe yourself to people that have not heard of your band before? How would you sell yourself to new listeners?

C: I’d sell us at a very reasonable price for the volume of entertainment they’d be receiving haha! I always find this question difficult to answer, but we were recently put into the genre “aggro-metal” which I think does us some justice. We want our music to come across as a punch in the face, hard hitting from the word go. If people are going to judge us on anything I’d like it to be our live show – not that I think our recordings are a misinterpretation of us, but we really try to step it up a gear with our live show. We love nothing more than being right in people’s faces, giving it 110%.

HTF: Are you planning on doing any festivals this Summer in the UK or Abroad?

C: Well we’ve sent an email to Andy Copping asking him about our mainstage slot at Download, but he’s not replying at the moment. We’re playing Chaos For Cause Fest in Bristol, which we’re super stoked about – it’s a charity show raising money for Multiple Sclerosis and the line up this year is stronger than ever. We’re sharing the main stage with True Valiance, All Guns Blazing and our boys in Districts so we’re expecting it to be a seriously good night.

HTF: Do you have any tour gossip past or present that you wish to share with us?

C: Well surely what happens on tour stays on tour right? Nah I don’t think anything out of the ordinary happened this time around. This was our first tour so we were all too busy adjusting to not sleeping to get anything perverse done. Dom did take a slash out of his hotel room window in Reading though! I think our merch guy Nashy was the worst behaved. I’ve never seen anyone sext so much in my entire life!

HTF: Any last words?

C: Keep your ears out for our new single, it’ll be dropping early this summer! And, well, I guess myspace is dead so come check us out at – all of our dates are always updated on our bandpage.

Interviewer: Steph Knight

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