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InMe – The Destinations │EP Review

InMe have released a four track EP to help keep your “InMe appetites” screaming for more. Check out what we thought.

Source: Official Artwork

InMe have become a real staple for the UK alternative rock scene. In the past we’ve had some absolute classics with ‘Herald Moth’ and ‘White Butterfly’, and their last release 2 years ago, ‘The Pride’, was a signal that they weren’t gone and were still very much in the game. Recently we’ve had news that the band are going to be releasing a triple album in 2015. To tie us over to that exciting time, we’re being treated to a little something something in the form of a new 4 track EP, ‘The Destinations’.

The Destinations’ is very much a conglomeration of the classic InMe sound with the very refined rock vibe that the band are so known for. The EP kicks in with ‘Pelorus Jack’, and moves away from the classic InMe noise a touch. It is a lot more of a metallic offering, yet certainly on the lighter side of metal. It is a fantastic track nonetheless, and one which is certain to be a fan favourite when the band tour this month. ‘Anthemusa’ is a soft and soothing track to begin with; bringing the ever recognisable voice of Dave McPherson, and some rather relaxing guitar tones, until the track fully kicks in and you’re introduced to some fantastic riffs, and great drum work. If you didn’t realise before, you do now, InMe are still here and they’re not going to change for anyone. ‘Beached Whales’ is a return to the softer tones, and a track which really highlights the power and ability of Dave’s voice. Just sit back and experience this track, as it’s more of a track you can get lost in, than losing yourself to.

The Destinations’ is more of a signal to which direction the band are heading. They’ve proven here that they’re not afraid to keep the classic InMe sound going, but at the same time can tweak it enough to make it different and interesting. Consider this EP as the appetiser course. It is an appetiser for a dinner that’s going to take a year to get to you, but if the three course meal they’re offering up will be as good as the taster then we’re going to be in for a real treat indeed. Get ready to gorge on the alternative rock action that they’re going to offer up in a year’s time. The EP as an alone offer though is still a group of 4 incredible songs, and is enough to keep any InMe fan going.

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