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Ian Watkins’ Ex Band Mates Finally Speak Out

Here’s what Ian Watkins’ ex-band mates finally had to say…

Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

In an interview with The Sunday Times, and after a long wait, Ian Watkins ex- band mates speak out about his actions.

In the interview ex-guitarists Mike Lewis and Lee Gaze, Karen Ruttner (Watkins’ ex girlfriend) and a member of management discussed the former singer’s actions.

Here is what Lee had to say: “There was absolutely nothing that led us to suspect what he’d done. I think he created such a smokescreen. I hate to rely on clichés, but when you see the profile of a paedophile, he couldn’t be any further from it. He was always surrounded by all these women, so it just seemed impossible.”

Mike Lewis went on to state that: “I couldn’t even have a conversation with him towards the end. On the rare occasion when I would have to be alone with him, I absolutely dreaded it.”

Together the ex-Lostprophets stars said the following statements: “I’ve thought about it long and hard, and, no, I have no interest in ever speaking to him again” and “I feel incredibly bad for his mother and his whole family and the stigma they have to endure now because of what he’s done and what his actions have done to hurt so many people. Bit I have no interest in questioning him about it. Ever.”

The singer is sentenced to 29 years imprisonment plus 6 years on license. This was after pleading guilty last December with regards to sexual offences against minors.

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