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Great Sale Day – Wild And Chunky | Album Review

Great Sale Day have released their new album Wild And Chunky. Read here to see what we thought of the new Alt-Rock band.

Source: Album Art

Source: Album Art

Formed in Brighton just this year, new born Great Sale Day have created an album that is not to be taken seriously.

Great Sale Day have released their new Rock Alternative album Wild and Chunky. Wild indeed it is. With an estranged cutting edge, the sound is reminiscent of old 90’s grunge, basement rock. We could imagine Kurt Cobain appreciating their sound.

The album kicks off straight away with the same sort of attitude; not caring, and being completely open and honest with that expression with ‘Do Not Want To’. Interestingly the tracks don’t last extremely long, but this seems to be the point of the project. The band are stamping a particular sound and message of saying whatever it is they want to say.

For instance, a highlight would have to be ‘Up In The Clouds’ simple beat, straightforward message, but who wouldn’t want to just live in the clouds? A song to daydream to, quite literally.

Wild And Chunky seems to be a record you can play when you’re feeling like you really can’t be bothered to associate with others, do much of what you’re meant to, and just slumming it with an album that understands those emotions.

However, if you don’t like repetitive sounds we wouldn’t recommend this album to you. Some may find the elongated harmonies, and similar sounds a bit tedious. The title track seems to do this, however those that enjoy some irritated angst in a mellow manner, this is the album for you.

Although, it cannot be denied some guitar notes are done extremely well. Tracks such as ‘Your Medicine’ really reflect the bands appreciation of rock rhythms. Although the band stated this was just a record for fun, Wild and Chunky still maintains a decent level of playing, which supports the standard of the album throughout. Without this, it probably would be more of a melodic mess.

However the somewhat jumbled emotions and estranged vocals, that of which feature in Shout Out To The Girl In The Red Dress, I Feel You, Shout Out To The Guy In The Armani Jacket, I See What You’re Doing There’ truly is the gem of the album. The irony and sarcasm are the traits that we believe have brought this album alive. Wild and Chunky may have been having a laugh, but we got the last, and one that will be enjoyed by many old rock lovers.

Produced by Jason Fryre at Son of Sun Studios, Wild and Chunky is a nostalgic blend of alt-rock and sees the band comfortably holding their own with their peers.

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