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GameChanger Create iPhone/Android Games Of Your Favourite Bands!

GameChanger have released iPhone and Android app games of your favourite bands, see inside to find out more!

Yes you heard this headline correctly. A new gaming company called GameChanger have set out to revolutionize the music industry by creating games of your favourite bands.

By installing the GameChanger app on iPhone and Android, you can access the GameChanger boardwalk which allows you to play the first three games which was released on August 1st, 2013 with the app.

The app was founded by John D’Esposito and built in partnership with some of today’s top musicians to connect with their fans on a more deeper level.

John D’Esposito says: “Back when I was a teenager, I would spend $18.00 for a CD. When I got home from the record store, the first thing I would do is spend an hour reading the cover, learning as much as possible about the artist. Today, that experience has been disconnected,” said John D’Esposito, GameChanger Founder and CEO. “GameChanger World seeks to fix a broken business model, and we know the right artists to do it.”  

You can access the app by visiting iTunes or GooglePlay and downloading onto your device. The first three games are now available:

Forever the Sickest Kids (Master Blaster Runner 3000) – Jonathan, Caleb, Austin and Kyle are on a never-ending rooftop running mission! The aim of the game is to collect music notes to unlock cool upgrades and keep the music going!

T. Mills (Trailin’ Travis) – Fan-girls are chasing you, T. Mills, thrillionaire playboy and you need to get away fast. You collect coins and high-flying brownies while jumping, ducking and swerving to avoid roadblocks.

Allstar Weekend (Restaurant) – Help Zach, Cameron and Mike are hungry for nachos, burritos and tacos, but watch out for those hot peppers! Catch flying food and help satisfy their cravings.

Many other artists have already signed up to be apart of this gaming experience including Mod Sun (Trippy Hippy), Bayside (Blitz), My Ticket Home (Mutant Teenage Homicide), Breathe Carolina (Savages), Crown the Empire (The Fallout), We Came As Romans (One True Hope), Paradise Fears (Road Warriors), Palisades (Outcasts), New Found Glory (New Food Glory), Capture the Crown (Fight ’til Death), Circa Survive (Barricade Bouncer) and GameChanger’s own Golf Cart Derby, and interactive photo booth from Andrew W.K. (Party Hard).

Yet to be released:

August 8: Mayday Parade (Face Off) – Mayday Parade need you to help them fight through endless waves of faceless men. Use various weapons to tear apart these enemies while combing the zones for soul jars to advance in Mayday Parade’s quest to exterminate these faceless beings from the planet.

August 15: Hopsin (Skate Madness) – Hospin has found himself a nice jungle to skate in, but the natives are not happy. Help him skate away from the evil monkeys and steal some fruit snacks on the way to unlock new abilities!

August 22: Senses Fail (Grindcore– Buddy, Matt, Dan and Zack unleash super hot skateboarding tricks and sickest jumps in this skateboarding game that will be sure to be addictive.

August 29: Miss May I (Rumble– Enemies have landed and their determined to stop the rock! MMI members are here to save the day and it’s your job to help them stop them. Earn points to upgrade your skills.

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