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Flood Of Red | Interview | July 2014

We caught up with Sean and Dale from Flood Of Red to find out about writing ‘Throw’, fortune cookies and getting back on tour. Check it out here.

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Flood Of Red are currently a midst their current UK tour in support of their latest album ‘Throw’. The new album comes five years after the iconic ‘Leave Everything Behind’  so we caught up with Sean and Dale to find out writing ‘Throw’, fortune cookies and getting back on tour. Check it out here:

HTF: You’ve been on tour now for quite a while, how has it been to get back on the road?

Dale: Yeah, we started in June but we took about two weeks off because we had work and stuff. We didn’t want to have the dates too close together so we thought we’d have another run of dates whilst the album was out instead of doing a big long tour and finishing before the album was actually released. It’s been a year since we had actually played a show so it felt amazing to just play in a live environment. We hadn’t even practiced for a year until about a week before we went away. We did a tour last year with Blood Command and then it was straight into the studio and then after that we never played together again for a year.

HTF: Have you had any favourite shows so far?

Sean: I would say Aberdeen, I always enjoy Aberdeen a lot. We’ve been playing up there since we were sixteen.
Dale: The release show in London was fun, it was an invite only, free gig with a free bar so no one could complain.

HTF: ‘Throw’ was finally released last week, how long did it take to come together?

Dale: Well, one or two of the songs are over a year old and a few have been around for quite a while but we’ve not had a release to put them on. We didn’t want to waste them by just putting them on an EP. This was all recorded last June and we had to go down to Brighton a few months later to redo some bits and just tighten some things up. Er, so it just took quite a while to tidy things up – everyone was just busy with work and stuff so it just a while for it all to come together. So now we’ve eventually got it released it is just a big massive relief.

HTF: How has it been received?

Sean: Very, very well. It’s been really good – which I am loving. I thought people would be like ‘eurgh it’s totally different, I’m not into it’ but everyone has been totally great about it. The reviews we’ve been getting as well have just been fantastic.
Dale: The people that have heard it so far seem to really like it or they say it is growing on them. No one has been disliking it straight away. It’s such a big shift from the last album that you cannot expect people to take to it straight away. You kind of have to give them time to sit with the album – so they can’t really say on a first listen if they like it or not.

HTF: ‘Leave Everything behind’ was such an iconic record, how did it influence your approach to throw?

Dale: ‘Leave Everything Behind’ was released like what five years ago so it was just a natural progression we weren’t trying to write this album that we’ve got just now. We wrote upwards of thirty songs before we were writing songs that we thought were ready for an album. You can write a song that you think is good but you need another eight or nine songs to go with it that match it. So it was just a progression of time, obviously we have changed a lot as people since the first album was out as well as some member changes. Having a new guitarist and bassist has brought in some different influences as well. Our personal musical influences have also changed, we’re not listening to the same albums we were listening to five years ago and we’ve just matured.
Sean: Like a fine cheese.

HTF: How did signing to Superball Music help in creating the record?

Dale: It was great to have some help, in terms of like we self released our first album so that was really all on us and we didn’t really know what we were doing. It was nice to just be left to the artistic side of things and have someone that knows what they’re doing and has the same vision as us. It meant we could focus more on the music than worrying about how we were going to release it and stuff like that. It’s great to have a team of people that have the same vision with us.

HTF: You had some incredible responses to the news that you were writing a new album followed by amazing five star reviews, how does it feel to have such positive support for the band?

Sean: Very well, because I feel like people have just been waiting forever and we’ve obviously being waiting forever as well. It’s not like we’ve been sitting on our backsides doing nothing we’ve really been working heard on this second album. We’re just glad it’s finally out there.
Dale: It feels a lot more worth it because we’ve spent this length of time on it. It would have been soul destroying if we spent all this time on it, finally released it and people were just like ‘Ah, it’s bit a shit’ so it’s nice to get the recognition we feel it deserves after working so hard on it and stressing out over it.

HTF: About a year ago you uploaded an odd-looking fortune cookie with ‘ye die ye die’ in it – did this influence the song or was it written prior?

Dale: That was artistic Dale here…

HTF: Did you make it?

Dale: Not even, there is a website you can go on and make it say whatever you want. So I had sent this message to our bass player a while ago, I was talking about some particular artist and it was quite depressing but it was really good. I asked him if he had any other recommendations before I kill myself because I couldn’t stop listening to it and he just said ‘Ye Die, Ye Die’. So from there at every band practice we just started saying it. Like it’s not that bad if ye die, ye die. Then we started writing this new song and it sort of moulded around that. So yeah, the fortune cookie was totally fake. It would have been even better if the song was already written and then we got it.

HTF: Where did the idea for the image on the cover of throw come from?

Dale: We knew we wanted to do the art work ourselves because we thought this album had a particular mood running through it that we didn’t know how to explain to a designer so we thought we would just try and do it ourselves. So I just got a 35mm camera and took Graham and Sean out in the woods. That sounds a bit seedy and it was that dark we just put a sheet over Graham, got Sean with his phone light out so I could check that he was in the centre of the frame and just said 3-2-1 jump. We did it on black and white film so we didn’t have to do any editing so it is just a picture.

Throw is out now and you can check out our review here.

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