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Emmure Destroy Classic Art In New Video For ‘A Gift A Curse’

Check out the incredibly surreal new video for Emmure’s track ‘A Gift A Curse’.

Source: Promo Image

Eternal Enemies came at us like a brick to the face in April 2014, and since then we’ve already had three music videos from it. Emmure are delivering to us their fourth in the form of A Gift A Curse‘, in what can be described as certainly one of the more surreal videos we’ve witnessed lately.

The video itself shows the destruction of altogether “classic art” such as the David statue, or a grand piano for example. Proposing that Emmure’s music is nothing like the classical world, there is no time for interpretation of their music, it’s like an all out attack that you can’t stop from happening.

Video director Ievgenii Nozhechkin explains the meaning he had behind the video:
I wanted to show the music of Emmure as something that does not have an end, that it goes deep inside every single person, and something that will be alive after us. Art touches the hearts and souls of so many people so it cannot be stopped or destroyed. Additional details of the video are destroying the pieces of art as a strong symbol of destruction of the past inside of you. Destroying the old, we enable а new birth.

You can check out Emmure’s video for ‘A Gift A Curse’ below:

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