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Download Festival 2013 Preview – Bands You Need To See (Part 1)

HTF are all set to head to Download, but check out who our reviewers think you should see right here.

Layout 1 (Page 1)Good gravy, it is that time of year again! DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL, F**K YEAH!
Every year we get bands that we would love to see, and some not. But this year I must confess it has a variety of good bands, but fortunately without any major clashes. So I am personally feeling a little adventurous to go and check out some new bands!
Here is my personal list below of bands I will recommend, and a brief reason as to why you should check them out. Enjoy, and see you in the pit!


Friday, Main Stage, 17:55 

Brian ‘Head’ Welch is back. This is probably the most rejuvenated the band have ever been, and could well be the talking point as one of the highlights of the weekend. ARE… YOU… READY?!

Friday, Pepsi Max Stage, 19:55

These guys easily are the most visceral hardcore band alive today. Their live shows can often provoke some of the most intense pits / crowds you are likely to see all weekend.

Friday, Zippo Encore Stage, 20:10

A mixed group of ladies and gentlemen who will guarantee you an absolute party from start to finish! Self claimed ‘Gypsy Punk’, if these guys do not get your feet moving to the rhythm, then you are clearly dead inside.

Saturday, Pepsi Max Stage, 20:05

Kvelertak have been nothing of a sensation since their near flawless debut album. But the sextet’s latest album ‘Meir’ is threatening to take over the metal scene by storm. Part rock ‘n’ roll, part black metal, part hardcore punk, but 101% heart and soul. Give this Norwegian musical maelstrom your undivided attention, no excuses. Oh, and this is one of Dave Grohl’s favourite new bands.

5. LIT
Sunday, Zippo Encore Stage, 16:20

After a LONG, long time away, Lit finally return to the UK. Whether it be for nostalgia value or good vibes, these are not to be missed!

Saturday, Main Stage, 15:50

They have a new album out, which is amazing. And to be quite honest, they are one of the most prolific rock bands in modern times with a catalogue of unbelievable tunes. To deny AIC is like a meat eater disliking bacon, there would be something wrong with you if you did not indulge.

Saturday, Main Stage , 20:05

Why not? It is Iron f**king Maiden! UP THE IRONS!

Sunday, Zippo Encore Stage, 17:10 

Taking influences and references from the occult, and mashing it up with some very smooth old school rock / metal feels so it kind of sounds like the perfect soundtrack to a Scooby Doo! Where Are You? cartoon, these guys have some amazing songs behind them, and their stage presence is undeniably powerful. From the makeup to the costumes, Ghost will convert you in to a believer.

Sunday, Main Stage, 12:50 

This is a one off reunion, and it will be a great opportunity to once again catch up on some of the tunes that you might have grown up to during the nu-metal phase! Dez Fafara has taken time out from Devildriver for this, so catch this special one off opportunity!

Sunday, Main Stage, 11:55

Cancer Bats will pound the shit out of your senses, metaphorically inject adrenaline in to every orefice of your body, and make you want to quite literally, f**k everything up that is in sight! The ultimate festival experience for anyone who is not afraid of spilling a little blood!

List complied by: James Paul Matthews

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