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Cytota – “He’s Really Jumped Into It With Confidence And It’s Really Refreshing” | Interview

We caught up with Cytota ahead of the UK stint of their tour with Crossfaith. We chatted about future plans, new music and life with Griff!

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Ahead of the UK stint of their incredible tour with Crossfaith, Hit The Floor had the pleasure of catching up with Birmingham’s answer to British post-hardcore music, Cytota. We talked to drummer, Harry Jennings, about their upcoming lives, potential new music, and more importantly life with new lead vocalist Griffin Dickinson. Check out what they had to say:

HTF: You felt the need to part ways with Joby because of artistic differences. What sort of direction should we expect from the new album? Is it similar to what we’ve had before or will it be quite different?
H: I personally think it’s in the middle of the two, you can tell it’s us for sure, but its got that mature twist on it we’ve been looking to develop for some time.

HTF: You’ve recently been shooting for a brand new video. When can we expect that, and more importantly new music to drop?
 VERY soon! everything has been shot and recorded, just a case of making sure it’s absolutely perfect for when we release it. We’ll be announcing the launch date in the next week or two.

HTF: Has Griffin already put his own mark on the new music, how much influence has he been on the direction you’re heading?
Well when we first got Griff on board, we had a few things written already. But even with that, he still got fully stuck into the next stage in the writing process when we started to think about what song we wanted to release first. He’s really jumped into it with confidence and it’s really refreshing.

HTF: For Griffin – Obviously being from a very music orientated family, did you ever feel pressured by yourself to join a band, or has it never been in question?
 Not in the slightest, I’m lucky enough to have always had the freedom to pick and choose my own endeavors and this is one of them.

HTF: You’ll be touring with Crossfaith next month. Clearly they’re one of the models of a quick rise in fame and success. Do you take much influence and knowledge from these bands? Or do you try and get to where you want to by your own means?
 We always take the advice of bands we tour with, and make sure we really get to know them and follow their tour mentality. These bands are obviously where they are for a reason, so studying a leaf out of their book when we are on the road is really important to us. At the same time we want to make our own mark, show people what we are made of, we don’t want to ride on the back of someone else’s success.

HTF: Do you relish in the types of tours like with Crossfaith or is it altogether a more nervous experience?
Most of the time we are massive fans of the bands we tour with anyway, so the excitement takes over the nerves. Obviously we all get super nervous before hand, but thats definitely a good thing. It just allows us to show more people our music, and thats the aim of the game.

HTF: When on tour, what do you guys like to do in your down time to relax?
Stay out of each others way! and I mean that in the nicest possible way, you’re all in close quarters for a very long time, so it’s good to be able to just have some alone time at some point. Either that or our tour manager Max always gets us to go out for a drink or two after the show!

HTF: Is there any band in particular who you want to tour with in the future?
For me personally I’d love to tour with Fightstar if they came back and did a full tour after these anniversary shows. Also a show or two with Of Mice & Men would be pretty sweet. Don Broco, BMTH and Atreyu would also be incredible bands to share a stage with.

HTF: How was playing Download this year? Were you surprised/happy with the turnout for so early in the day?
Surprised and happy I’d say! we had played it the year before, and even then we were really happy with the turn out. I’ve been going to Download for years, so to finally be there playing to a crowd hit me right in the feels.

HTF: what are your plans for the future? Is this pretty much a real kickstart to your careers from now on?
The future as of now is getting our album written, getting more tours, and playing everywhere and anywhere we can. You’ll be seeing a hell of a lot more of us! so stick around for the ride.

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