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Creeper – Creeper | EP Review

Southampton’s Creeper is a band we will surely be keeping an eye on. We’re extremely impressed by their debut EP, and here’s why.

Credit: EP Cover

Creeper is an up and coming five-piece, who may be new to the scene but these guys are no strangers to music, as their band is a union of past members of Our Time Down Here, Hang The Bastard, Doomed From Day One and The Afterparty. As an introduction to their sound, Creeper has released a free self-titled EP, one we can envision causing a stir in not only the band’s hometown of Southampton but also nationwide.

The sound of Creeper is fast, melodic and characteristically punk. Starting the EP off to a strong start is ‘We Had A Pact’, showcasing the softer side of the band, interlaced with upbeat melodies making for a bouncy track with high sing-ability. This is a quality you’ll find apparent throughout the entire release, especially in tracks ‘Gloom’ and ‘VCR’, both breathing single potential. The latter of the two is a personal favourite, of which the punchy chorus is subtly playing in the background of our mind as we write this review (“You are the clock on my VCR/Keeping me up at night/The tiny light won’t fade”).

Creeper‘s signature harmonised and gang-like vocals would lend it’s songs to be crowd favourites in a live setting. Up next on the tracklist is ‘Into The Black’, a song that begins on a heavier note; that’s guitar laden and characterised by breathless drumming before slowing things down for a mere instance of softly layered vocals atop guitar. The moment seems short lived as it quickly kicks back into its pace, but makes a return to fade the track out.

A lone guitar solo introduces the EP’s resident ballad, the semi acoustic ‘Novena’. A beautiful close to a promising debut, allowing listeners to appreciate and wallow in the, at times, agitated vocals echoing in your ears. With this self titled EP, Creeper present a colourful collection of tracks that showcase the different influences they have each brought into the band’s dominantly punk inspired music. A brilliant mixture of rocky, catchy and at times stripped back, we are thoroughly impressed. With a superb debut as this one, we’re expecting big things from Creeper.

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