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Bury Tomorrow Interview (Hit The Deck Festival Exclusive)

We managed to catch up with Davyd Winter-Bates and Adam Jackson of Bury Tomorrow at this year’s Hit The Deck Festival. Check out what they had to say about their upcoming album, the downfall of Sonisphere and their backstage antics.

Currently on a tour with the amazing Of Mice and Men, and gaining praise and fans every single day, Bury Tomorrow are the upcoming band of the minute. With their blend of metalcore and clean vocals, this band is incredibly talented. With a new album coming soon, and a number of singles already out, we spoke to Davyd Winter-Bates and Adam Jackson, at this year’s Hit The Deck Festival, about their thoughts and feelings on their upcoming album; as well as the demise of Sonisphere and the downright weird.

Find out more about Bury Tomorrow on their Facebook page:

HTF: Hey guys, how are you?

Davyd: Brilliant mate.
Adam: Yeah, having a good day.

HTF: Has it been a long day?

Davyd: Yeah, playing within the hour, looking forwards to it, should be good.

HTF: How long have you been here for then?

Davyd: Urmmm. Since about 10?

HTF: Oh for a while then? Have you managed to catch any bands?

Davyd: Yeah, quite a few so far, just been walking around, this is the time when all the clashes start really happening.

HTF: So who have you seen so far?

Davyd: Of Mice and Men, TRC,
Adam: Campus,
Davyd: Yeah, Campus, they were awesome. So yeah, seen quite a few.

HTF: So then, Union of Crowns, the new album, out in July. How do you think it’s going to go?

Davyd: Haha well, hopefully amazingly. At the end of the day, we’re really pleased with it. We’ve been with it for a long time, recorded it in January. We’re happy with it, and at the end of the day, it’s now down to how everyone else thinks. Given the few singles we’ve released. Lionheart, Royal Blood, then it should be good.

HTF: And An Honourable Reign, coming out soon?

Davyd: An Honourable Reign, yeah, that should be coming out in the next month or so.
Adam: We’ve just shot a video for it.
Davyd: Yeah, so we like it we’re really proud of it, so hopefully everyone else likes it too.

HTF: So you’ve started the Of Mice and Men Tour recently. How many shows is that?

Davyd: We actually started two days ago, this is our third date.
Adam: We’ve got about 10 more shows left; we only do the UK leg. Finish with one last show in Bridgend on the 6th,
Davyd: Yeah and then we fly out to Belgium for a one off show with Kids in Glass Houses, and then we fly back, well, drive back, and play a one off show in Brighton, and then back out to festivals.

HTF: Talking about festivals, you’re already on Ghostfest, anymore in the pipeline?

Davyd: We’re on a few European ones. We’re hopefully going to be on some others. We’re going to try and do as many as possible.

HTF: So no more UK festivals? No Download?

Davyd: I don’t think we’ll be on Download this year. To be fair, we were really loving the Sonisphere line-up, and we were gutted when that was cancelled.

HTF: Honestly, were you meant to play Sonisphere?

Davyd + Adam: Yep, yeah.
Adam: As far as we knew we were about to be announced for it, it was all prepared. And that was sort of our big UK festival, and obviously when that sort of thing happens. You can’t really go, oh well, Download then.
Davyd: You can’t pass on one festival, and then hope to get on the next one if that falls through.

HTF: Did you get any news or any idea on why Sonisphere collapsed?

Davyd: We can only speculate, like everyone else.  So yeah, we don’t know really.

HTF: Well, obviously you’re on tour at the moment, are there any stories that you’re able to give to your fans about what’s happening at the moment.

Davyd: Our videographer, yesterday, actually sucked a ping-pong ball out of a stripper’s ass. That actually did happen, that was incredible.  *Talking to the videographer* didn’t you Trebble, did you enjoy it
Trebble: Yeah it was good, yeah haha
Davyd: So yeah, magic.

HTF: Is this normal for a Bury Tomorrow tour?

Davyd: Yeah this is normal for a Bury Tomorrow tour, this sort of stuff happens.

HTF: One thing I’ve always noticed at a Bury Tomorrow tour, there always seems to be one guy, one guy at every tour, almost every show.

Davyd: I think I already know who you’re talking about.
Adam: Yeah Lee, he’s our super-fan. He comes out to pretty much any show he can get to.
Davyd: I think it’s his 59th show here today. If you’re at a Bury Tomorrow show, here in England, Lee will be there.  No two ways about it, he will be there.

HTF: So has he been your biggest fan from day one?

Davyd: Well, we played Stoke, about 2, maybe 3 years ago, and from then he’s been our mate, and always been there.

HTF: Do you have a lot of devoted fans?

Davyd:Yeah, we have quite a few. Like, one thing we will say about our guys, is that they’re very, very loyal, and will always look after us. They’re the reason we’ve been able to carry on for so long.

HTF: With that, do you feel that you’re growing quite easily, or is there still a lot of work that goes into building who you are?

Davyd: I think with any business, if you want it to succeed, you have to put a lot into it. A lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of effort. And I don’t think being a musician is any kind of exception to that rule to be fair.

HTF: So is there much difference between playing a slot at a festival, or playing a gig on a tour.

Adam: Well, there’s a lot of hanging around at a festival, like we got here a lot earlier than we really needed to be. It’s just one of those things, you turn up, there’s always loads of stuff, it’s always rammed. It’s kind of weird, you have to go from, you have to go from nothing, to literally walking onto a stage. Normally when you play a show on a tour, or a one off, you get there, you sound check, you finish, you chill .Then you open and start playing. But playing a festival like this, you can’t, you either hang around, or you just turn up, walk onto the stage, set up and play. I guess that’s kind of different, but  yeah it’s generally more hectic. The amount of bands, the amount of people. It’s way more hectic yeah.  It’s cool though, you normally get to see a lot of cool bands, which is the best thing.

HTF: And you’ll be relieved to hear, the final question. Are there any lucky charms that you personally have for a show?

Davyd: I consider my lucky charm to be my bass, as I feel I probably wouldn’t be very lucky if I didn’t have that. Like I wouldn’t be able to play a show for a start, which would be a bad start to the day. Jacko has some lucky boxer shorts, like some Rudolf ones, wears them for an entire tour. Haha, they’re like his show boxers. We’re always having good shows when he’s wearing Rudolf.

HTF: So that’s all I have, thank you very much, and I hope you have a good show.

Davyd: Thank you.
Adam: Cheers.

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