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BREAKING NEWS! Bring Me The Horizon Playing Acoustically From a Rubbish Container!!

There has been a Powercut at the O2 Bristol Academy tonight!! But that has not stopped Bring Me the Horizon, Parkway Drive, Architects or Devil Wears Prada! Live updates here…..

I kid you not!! We have just heard from our HTF head metal reporters who are currently at the the Bristol O2 Academy for the Bring Me The Horizon, Parkway Drive, Architects and Devil Wears Prada gig that they have all been evacuated from the venue due to a power cut! Devil Wears Prada and Architects managed to finish their sets before the power shut down. But Bring Me and Parkway were yet to play.

Our team were about to give up hope of ever being able to get back in to see the two main acts when Bring Me The Horizon appeared outisde and have started playing acoustically to their fans off of the back of a truck from a rubbish container!! We will get pictures and updates up as soon as they come through……

Update: Bring Me The Horizon are now doing an acoustic duet with Sam Carter from Architects!

Update: Steph from Hit The Floor has sent this picture of Bring Me The Horizon! From the looks and sounds of it this unexpected turn of events could potentially be one of the most immense shows ever. Jealous.


Update: The post has now been rectified but it was originally thought they were playing on the roof… they aren’t…. even better they are playing sat on the back of a truck on a rubbish container! Amazing. These guys are earning more and more respect by the second!

Update: Apparently even though outside and on solid concrete Bring Me fans were still pitting, crowd surfing, starting wall’s of death and moshing like they werent even phased! Now THOSE are some harcore fans!!

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