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Black Flag To Play Hevy Fest 2013 With Their Only UK Appearance

No words can justify how awesome this news is. Just read it for yourself!!!

Read the announcement once more.
Breathe again.
Do not question your doubts and bewilderment, it is actually happening.


For the first time in nearly 30 years, the legendary hardcore punk band Black Flag will be coming to the UK for an exclusive appearance at Hevy! This means that there will be NO smaller gigs at all. This could well be your only chance to see them in your lifetime, and at all on UK shores. Ever.

If you do not know who Black Flag are, then may we suggest you do some homework.

You may recognise their logo, as it is one of the most bold and iconic logos that any band has ever had. If you are a hipster who has seen it in some clothing at a retail store and bought it because you thought it ‘looked cool’, then please return it to your local store, and save your money for some real Black Flag merchandise. They have undoubtedly had the greatest impact on DIY record distribution, underground touring and hardcore music of any band, before or since. Influencing many, many artists all over.

There is a whole generation of musicians and fans that would cite Black Flag as being the most important band to have influenced them, without ever even having the chance to see them perform live, until now..

Some of you may be wondering who will be taking vocal duties for this appearance, and we can confirm it will be Ron Reyes with Gregg Ginn, Chuck Dukowski, and Robo filling in on the rest of the lineup.
Ron Reyes joined the band in 1979 after Keith Morris departed, and recorded the ‘Jealous Again‘ EP, which contained such classic tracks as ‘Revenge‘.

Hevy Fest tickets are between £89-£99 (early bird and normal prices) for the weekend, which will take place on 2nd – 4th August at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park.

If you have any sort of respect for independent music, the punk community, and everything anyone has fought to accomplish for the past few decades, then save it all for that weekend when Black Flag return for what could well be the last ever time. Respect your elders, and spill some blood on the dance floor!

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