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Betraying The Martyrs – Phantom | Album Review

Parisian outfit, Betraying The Martyrs, release their second album this July. Check out what HTF thought of it here.

Credit: Album Cover

Parisian outfit, Betraying The Martyrs, are perhaps one of the most underrated acts on the current touring circuit. Confined to supporting arguably inferior bands everywhere other than their homeland, the deathcore mob are only ever caught by the early birds, and they still remain a hidden gem printed amongst an array of illegible band logos. As Phantom hits the shelves, it’s now time to put an end to that.

The diverse opener ‘Jigsaw‘ immediately sets the bar high. The foundations are laid by soldering ruthless energy with Aaron Matts‘ uncompromising vocals, typical of the genre they reside in, yet their unrivalled technicality and Victor Guillet‘s prominent cleans grant them permission to stand much taller than their peers.

The haunting haze of their debut, Breathe In Life, seeps over ‘Where The World Ends‘, the instrumental ‘L’abysse Des Anges‘ oozes class, and ‘Legends Never Die‘ pays tribute to the fallen Mitch Lucker through blistering breakdowns and humbling words. But, what is most impressive is how they have continued to build on past brilliance. The title track, ‘Phantom (Fly Away)‘, is the product of touring with Slipknot, while ‘Let Go‘ is their idea of radio friendly, and these subtle alterations are cleverly eased in to confirm their musical prowess.

On Phantom, Betraying The Martyrs prove what they are capable of, again and again. Neither brutality nor melody are sacrificed to let the other prosper, but instead are both slit across the throat and left to bleed out over the record. They have showcased the ability to sit amongst the elite, now all they need is the Facebook likes.

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