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Rock A-Z: B Is For Baby Godzilla

It’s week two of our band alphabet, check out B for Baby Godzilla!

B stands for banjo induced lunacy, so if you haven’t taken a guitar to the face at a Baby Godzilla show yet you are missing out on some crazy pirate, instrument hurling, sacrifice rock and roll. They’ve already toured with Enter Shikari and The Wildhearts this year, had airtime from Daniel P Carter and have just finished their residency at The Black Heart in Camden so why haven’t you seen them yet?!

Abusing venues, limbs and gear whilst remaining absurdly tight Baby Godzilla will be one of the best live shows you have ever seen, the Nottingham quartet decorating venues from ceiling to floor.  Although ‘Powerboat Disaster’ is not their latest release its erratic strikes thrashing guitars, screams and thumping drums to rum rock and roll chants are the one to get you moving. Here is ‘Powerboat Disaster’ and if you don’t feel the need to sing along you’re probably broken inside.

Check back next week for C and …

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