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Baby Godzilla – The Great Hardcore Swindle | Official Music Video

Baby Godzilla recently signed to Enter Shikari’s Ambush Reality. Check out the new single ‘The Great Hardcore Swindle’, and details on the singles release.

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One of the UK’s most exciting prospects, Baby Godzilla, have recently signed to Ambush Reality. Ambush are a record label, which more accidentally than by design has existed purely as an outlet for Enter Shikari records. Time constraints, and no real prospects being available to them have been the main reasons the label has given for this singular approach, but now, everything is about to change.

As of today (Monday 21st July), Ambush Reality are ready to start releasing music from other, non-Enter Shikari, projects. To begin with, these releases will be limited to either digital downloads or double A-side, 7″ singles. On the ‘A’ side will be a new track by the artist in question, and on the other, ‘AA’ side will be a remix from Enter Shikari’s alter ego Shikari Sound System.

The first release comes in the form of Baby Godzilla‘s brand new single ‘The Great Hardcore Swindle‘, of which the band have also released a brand new video for. You can purchase the single today, from Enter Shikari’s website here:
Warning though, if you’re planning on getting the 7″ vinyl, the release is limited to just 500, so get in there quick.

You can check out Baby Godzilla’s video for ‘The Great Hardcore Swindle‘ below:

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