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Review: Selena Gomez – Stars Dance (Album)

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Artist: Selena Gomez
Release: ‘Stars Dance’ (Album)
Release Date: 23rd July 2013

Selena Gomez has released her first ‘solo’ album ‘Stars Dance’, but the pop sensation is certainly no stranger to music, having previously released three albums with her band ‘Selena Gomez and the Scene’.

The album kicks off with the catchy and repetitive dance track ‘Birthday’, which sets the tone of the record straight away with a strong pop and dance vibe. Next up is ‘Slow Down’ which has to be one of our favourite tracks, along with ‘Come & Get It’, purely because they’re very lively and catchy; something that’s certainly a theme throughout this album. There are definitely many tracks on this record that could be club anthems including ‘Save The Day’, ‘Undercover’, ‘Nobody Does It Like You’, and ‘Music Feels Better’.

The two tracks ‘Forget Forever’ and ‘Love Will Remember’ could see Selena addressing her very public romance with pop singer Justin Bieber, especially as the latter begins with a voicemail message rumoured to be from Bieber himself. But, while these songs may be break-up material, they are still relatively upbeat tracks.

Ultimately ‘Stars Dance’ is a pop album, but Selena’s definitely explored new territory, with lead single ‘Come & Get It’ being very Bhangra influenced, as well as the majority of tracks having moved toward the EDM scene. It also seems Selena has taken inspiration from other female pop stars when making this album as ‘Birthday’ seems very Ke$ha influenced, ‘Like A Champion’ has a very prominent Rihanna vibe, and ‘B.E.A.T’ has similiarites to Dev’s ‘Bass Down Low’. So, while it can’t be denied that Selena has branched out and tried something new, perhaps this isn’t as a unique album as it may at first seem.

‘Stars Dance’ is a pure pop record that has been released just at the right time, as it’s full of dance tracks that are perfect for the summer months. If you want an album full of catchy, repetitive and upbeat pop songs, then I guarantee that this will not disappoint.


Reviewer: Sophie Sinclair

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