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When did McFly get all grown up..?

Have a look right here and see Steph HTF’s new hot tottie discovery…

After watching this weeks episode of ITV2’s Celebrity Juice I made a some what HUGE discovery and had to share with all of you HTF readers..

I don’t tend to watch much television these days as I normally spend my free time glued to Facebook as do most of the people my age! Haha! After discovering though that McFly were this weeks guests I was clearly more excited about tuning in because I was intreagued to find out where the hell these guys have been for ages..?

I had no idea things had changed so much in 6 years.

So here is when i asked myself the question… When the hell did McFly get so HOT..?? And how on earth have i missed it??!!

Here is how I remember the London bound English pop-rock group back in 2004. When they released ‘Five Colours In Her Hair‘.

I thought they were brilliant back then but over time I got bored of them. I’m embarrassed to say that my preferred music genre changed. Unfortunately I just loved your hair sprayed, emo type punk bands so didn’t really have any time for your typical British pop any more. I didn’t really pay them much attention again and now I realise how stupid I was..!

In my defence though McFly did get a bit boring. Every new single seemed to sound the same and it became music to fall asleep to for me I’m afraid. Then they released their Greatest Hits album in 2007 and everyone presumed that was it for them. I think nobody really cared anymore, but oh my… We couldnt of been more wrong!

So two years passed and after a few months in the gym, four funky haircuts and a couple of tattoo sessions a new McFly were born! Not only do they look AWESOME but their music really has progressed in style and seems to be pretty darn good! Better than anything they have ever produced before in my opinion!

My favourite used to be Danny back in the day but now they all look so hot i really cannot make up my mind.. Ha ha! 🙂

I am now pleased to announce their new single ‘Shine A Light‘ is released on November 7th via iTunes and sees them teaming up with the now hugely successful Taio Cruz. Following this their fifth studio album ‘Above the Noise‘ will be released on November 15th.

Here at HTF we wish them the best of luck and I am sure the second era of McFly has been born! Check out their new video for ‘Shine A Light‘ below..

Please leave your comments and let us here at HTF know if you have always been a massive McFly fan or like me you have swayed your opinion after they have got all grown up!

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