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TIME Magazine Names Mariah Carey As Most Successful Pop Star

TIME Magazine has named Mariah Carey as the most successful pop artist of all time – see here for more details!

Source: ‘Beautiful’ Video Screenshot

Although ‘Me… I Am Mariah. The Elusive Chanteuse’ has massively under performed on the charts this yeah, TIME Magazine have revealed something which shows the impact and influence the iconic singer-songwriter still has on the music industry today, 24 years after her debut.

TIME put together a chart which ranks pop artists according to points they have given them from top ten songs on the Billboard Hot 100.

As a result of accumulating 18 number one singles, Carey was in pretty good stead to be near the top anyway. But due to several of her songs spending colossal amounts of time at the number one position, such as ‘One Sweet Day’ (16 weeks), ‘We Belong Together’ (14 weeks), ‘Dreamlover’ and ‘Fantasy’ (both eight weeks), and even more time in the top ten she has been named as the Ultimate Ranking Pop Star, with a total of 1901 points.

Rihanna trails close behind with 1800 points, but this is due to the fact that she has released as a lot of top ten singles in a much shorter time frame, just nine years.

1995 and 2005 were the two years where Carey gained the majority of her points. In 1995, ‘Fantasy’ spent 16 weeks in the top ten, while ‘One Sweet Day’ fluctuated for 19 weeks. In 2005, ‘Don’t Forget About Us’ stayed in the top ten for eight weeks, ‘Shake It Off’ for thirteen and ‘We Belong Together’ for a staggering 23, the longest stay in the top ten of her career.

Check out TIME’s ranking system here to check out Carey’s amazing chart run.

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