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Maroon 5 Reveal ‘V’ Album Artwork, Tracklisting On Twitter

Maroon 5 reveal ‘V’ album artwork and track listing – click here to have a look!

Credit: Maroon 5 Official Twitter

Credit: Maroon 5 Official Twitter

Their latest single may be entitled ‘Maps’, but one thing is for sure, fans of Maroon 5 certainly didn’t need one to find out information about their new album today.

The band revealed the album artwork and it’s official track listing via their Twitter account today, with a link to the news on their website.

Titled ‘V’, (pronounced Five), is the name of the upcoming fifth studio album by the group. Although the title may not be that striking, the album cover certainly is.

A neon pink V foregrounds a barren looking desert in the background, while Maroon 5 is written jaggedly on the mountain behind the V, similar to the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.

The track list is comprised of eleven songs, with three B-sides. ‘My Heart Is Open’ features the only collaboration on the album, with Gwen Stefani, and was written by Sia. Check out the track list below:

1. ‘Maps’
2. ‘Animals’
3. ‘It Was Always You’
4. ‘Unkiss Me’
5. ‘Sugar’
6. ‘Leaving California’
7. ‘In Your Pocket’
8. ‘New Love’
9. ‘Coming Back For You’
10. ‘Feelings’
11. ‘My Heart Is Open’ (featuring Gwen Stefani)

1. ‘ShootLove’
2. ‘Sex and Candy’
3. ‘Lost Stars’

Check out the official music video for ‘Maps’ below!

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