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Justin Bieber’s Plans For A Grammy Are Snubbed

Justin Bieber fails to be nominated for a Grammy and boycotts the event.

Justin had high hopes for his hit ‘Believe‘ to be nominated for the prestigious award but they were quickly dashed, receiving zero nominations across the board. In an attempt to get some kind of revenge he boycotted the event and was scheduled to appear on a livestream at the same time as the broadcasting of the Grammys. However yet another failure was imminent as the stream crashed due to too many fans logging on, locking Bieber out. To make up for this he posted several pictures of himself (see above) and also a new song ‘You Want Me’ which has since been taken down. Sore loser?

Edit: Luckily some hardcore bieber fans ripped the song so here it is for ya 😉 – Editor

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