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Interview: Misha B (HTF Exclusive)

Since her departure on last year’s X Factor Misha B has been busy in the studio working on her dream debut album. She talks to HTF about the album’s progress, collaborations and touring with Nicki Minaj.

Since her departure on last year’s X Factor Misha B has been busy in the studio working on her dream debut album. She talks to HTF about the album’s progress, collaborations and touring with Nicki Minaj.

HTF: Hi Misha, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us today! How are you?

Misha: Good thank you just finished up at rehearsals.

HTF: How did it go?

Misha: Good really well, I’m performing at 1xtra in Manchester tomorrow.

HTF: How do you feel ahead of such events. Are you good at hiding nerves or are you able to channel your adrenalin in a good way?

Misha: A mixture of everything. I try my best to hide it well. In the end, with the whole time trying to hide it well, the adrenalin will kick in and I resolve into ‘my zone’.

HTF: Is there anything you have found you can do before to help though?

Misha: I have a mantra that I repeat….Nerves into energy, nerves into energy, nerves into energy, nerves into energy. I always do it before I go on.

HTF: You reached number nine with your latest single this weekend. Were you able to celebrate?

Misha: No, no celebration just yet. Just because I’ m back in the studio working on the album still. I’m constantly busy really.

HTF: I’ve heard you describe the album and energetic and experimental. Is there anything that you think will really shock people?

Misha: Um, I’m not sure. It’s kind of like…expect the unexpected.

HTF: You’ve said the writing process has been collaborative in terms of writing with producers. Can you tell me who you’ve been working with?

Misha: I’m working with TMS, Naughty Boy, Mr Hudson, Matt Prime, um….various different producers. We’ve not picked the album tracks just yet, I can’t say who will be on the album but I can say hundred percent that TMS will be on the album.

HTF: How is it when you are discussing ideas for the songs? Does it ever get heated and stressful?

Misha: A hundred percent, it will always get heated. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s a thing…like doing something for the first time, especially when you are experimenting and trying things out. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. It’s getting to that place where everyone agrees and everyone is comfortable.

HTF: How do you think you will cope with the whittling down of songs? How will you do it?

Misha: It will be tricky. I can’t really say how I’ll do it as it’s not come yet, but it will definitely be tricky. It’s going to be eventful and an experience that I am happy and excited for as well.

HTF: You have said that everything you write comes from real experiences. Is there a point where you restrict how honest you are?

Misha: Well everything is not just based on me. It’s either based on people I know and their experiences, or people I’ve heard about. Everything is based on real like whether they are my experiences or other people’s…

HTF: How is it when you have to perform these lyrics in front of a producer for the first time. Is it ever embarrassing because it is so emotional or exposing?

Misha: Yea, but I am just grateful that, with the people I am working with, that I can build a relationship where I feel comfortable around them. I’m not trying to say it’s never like that straight away, but after a while when I’m in studio with these producers…I’m fortunate to have people that are quite cool.

HTF: You recently performed at the celeb-filled Mobo’s and obviously had a first meeting with Nicki Minaj. How do you cope with meeting big stars at events and when supporting. Do you play it cool or do you get star- struck?

Misha: Starstruck but trying to play it cool. That happens all the time. Again I’m fortunate to have met some really great people and have them be really cool…

HTF: Have there been any cringey moments?

Misha: I think it’s more about how they have approached me, that kind of calms my mood a bit more.

HTF: Touring with Nick Minaj, who is thought of as out there/over the top, people would imagine that it is wild backstage. What is the reality?

Misha: It’s normal, she’s normal.

HTF: From watching her performances and being around her did you take anything away from it – how you perform, your staging, your style, how you conduct yourself as an artist for example?

Misha: Well.. I’m just an energetic junkie. I just love energy and giving the top of my performance to the end. It was just great performing in the arenas night after night and feeling the energy off the crowd and learning to work with my crowd – what works and what doesn’t work. For me one of the best experiences of my life. The best!

HTF: Do you think having this on your CV will help you internationally?

Misha: Hopefully, hopefully it will.. can’t really say.

HTF: Have you had any tweets from international stars since? I know you and Missy Elliot have shown mutual interest in working together…

Misha: Yea there’s been a lot of a support, which is very beautiful.

HTF: I saw on Twitter that you saw Skyfall…

Misha: Yeah last night…oh my god, it was wicked. He is soo hot!!

HTF: Is going to the cinema one of things you like to do when have time off?

Misha: Um when I get the chance. In my downtime I like to either go shopping, write a song, a bit of everything really.

HTF: I saw Adam Deacon say he thought you were a really good actress. Is this something you may like to move into in the future?

Misha: Hundred Percent…hundred percent!

HTF: Ideal role?

Misha: Um, I cant really put my finger on it just yet. I feel like I’ve got a lot more learning to do. But hundred percent. Adam was a good teacher.

HTF: When people ask you about the X Factor does any part of you get fed up, or do you it embrace it as one of the success stories of the show?

Misha: Embrace it, because without the X Factor I wouldn’t be where I am now.

HTF: A few years down the line would you ever consider being a judge if you were asked?

Misha: Um, I’m not sure, I feel I’ve got so much to do, so much to achieve, and so much I wanna achieve to be able to call myself a judge – to be able to put myself in the judges shoes and be able to judge people.

HTF: Models and actresses are given instructions on how how to live ( drink lots of water, get lots of sleep, go to the gym etc). What changes have you had to make since becoming a pop-star?

Misha: Just work harder. Do everything extra….more. Hundred percent look after myself, and my voice mainly as that’s my best friend right now!

HTF: Well I’ll let you go now, thank you very much for chatting tonight..

Misha: Thank you, take care…

Interviewer: Sophie Eggleton

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