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Interview: Jack Savoretti (HTF Exclusive)

Check out HTF’s exclusive interview with singer/songwriter Jack Savoretti inside for talk of touring and hit TV shows…

Hit The Floor were lucky enough to meet the lovely Jack Savoretti for a chat over lunch at Dock Kitchen in London recently to talk about his forthcoming tour, his most recent album ‘Before The Storm’, One Tree Hill and what comes next for him.

If you haven’t been aware of the incredibly talented Jack Savoretti until now, you should know that he has three excellent albums, is about to embark on a headline tour of the UK (calling at Cardiff Glee Club and London Scala among others) and will be opening for Jools Holland at UK arenas in December.

His songs have also been used on hit TV shows like One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries and Grey’s Anatomy, and bizarrely one of his songs (‘Knock Knock’) has been transformed into a line dancing anthem.

Interested? Read our full interview with the man himself below!

HTF: When does your tour start?

Jack:  23rd October.

Are you excited?

I am. We’ve got a showcase in London before that and then we’re gonna do a festival on the 8th of October as well. And then we’re gonna hit the road for my headline tour, it’s gonna be fun. The Jools Holland tour will be in December and I think we’re doing four dates. We’re doing Cardiff Motorpoint Arena, the Royal Albert Hall and a couple of others. For the headline tour we’ve got a really good support, a girl called Karima Francis. She’s gonna be opening the shows.

What’s your favourite type of show to play? Intimate shows, arenas?

This tour’s gonna be cool because every place we’re playing is very different. Like in Newcastle we’re playing The Sage, which I love because it’s sophisticated and you almost wanna sit down on stage, and it’s kind of a real intimate gig, even though it’s got a grand feel. And in London we’re playing the Scala which I think is a bit more of an edgy rock venue which makes you wanna go a bit wild, so it’s nice. With every venue being different it makes you want to play a different kind of show.

What’s Karima Francis like?

She had a song called ‘Glory Days’ which was kind of a radio hit. She’s a great girl. It was one of those things where I randomly came across her and I was looking for a support and then there was a wedding a couple of weeks ago and my sister was a guest there and it was just a fluke that I was speaking about her and my sister said, “Oh my god, I met her last weekend at a wedding”. So I was like, ok, I guess it was meant to be. Random but good.

How’s the new album going down? Are you excited to play it live?

Yes, for me, it’s the most fun album to play live. The band I’m on the road with are the guys who made the record with me, so you get that first hand. I dunno, you definitely hear the album come to life. We do tap into the old stuff too, just because that’s been out for a couple of years now and some of the fans do really want to hear it, so it’s good, plus I love playing some of the old stuff. You do have a selective few that you wanna leave behind though.

I’m a really big One Tree Hill fan so I was pretty excited that you had your songs on there! How did that happen?

That just happened through the industry. Meeting people, going out to LA, socialising, meeting people who are working. Everyone in LA is working on something so as long as you get along and they like what you’re doing and you like what they’re doing then the next thing you know you’re working together. That’s kind of how it happened. It was cool because we actually went down to the actual studios to meet the writers. They wanted to meet us and we thought it was a cool opportunity and we went in and you go in to the writers’ room and they’ve got this giant whiteboard with all the plots and you’re not allowed to see it. I was trying to give it a peek but to be honest, I haven’t really seen the show much. I think my songs were used in three episodes. It was pretty exciting. My songs have been on Grey’s Anatomy and we just had a new one (‘Hate And Love’ featuring Sienna Miller) on Vampire Diaries.

That must give you a lot more coverage…

Oh it does! It helps you get your hands on people that otherwise would never have heard of you. The audiences that these shows have are huge – all different ages, from different corners of the world, and what’s nice is that they go out all over the world, and you start realising you have fans in Asia, Eastern Europe, and they’re starting to pick up on you purely because of these TV shows. We went on tour with Gavin Degraw who does the One Tree Hill theme song and his fanbase was predominantly One Tree Hill-based. He’s a proper Texas boy. We fell in love with his band. They were amazing guys from North Carolina.

You have a very exotic accent! Where are you from?

It’s a combination. I’m London-born. My mother is pretty mixed around – she’s Polish and German. My dad is Italian. I grew up in the Italian part of Switzerland but I went to an American school so it’s all a bit of a cocktail. My accent changes depends on who I’m talking to.

So what’s next for you Jack?

Just more tours! Thinking about Europe, America and then coming back here and making a new album. I want things to go as well as possible so I can make another one! We’ve got a single that’s just come out – that’s what this tour is off the back of – and then we’ll have another single around Christmas, just before the Jools Holland tour, and it kind of depends what they do and what happens. There’s talk of a tour in spring but it depends on what’s happening and then I’ll decide whether to stay here or go over to Europe or America because things can move, so you kind of gotta let it have a life of its own and then let it adapt. It’s good fun!

Do you like being on tour?

Yeah, I do, especially when it’s a tour like the one we’re about to do, absolutely. There are some tours you’re dying to do but there are some tours where you can’t wait to get home. It kinda depends why you’re doing them, where you’re doing them, who you’re doing them to and who you’re playing with, and all of those things for this tour are looking pretty good.

Check out Jack’s website for more information and a full list of tour dates:

Interviewer: Lais MW







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