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Ed Sheeran Likes To Spend His Fortune In Toys ‘R’ Us!

Flashy cars? Private jets? No – only a Nerf gun will do!

Source: Promo Image

Ed Sheeran is one of the world’s biggest pop stars and probably made more money in 2015 alone than any of us could even dream of earning in a lifetime. So what does someone with such an obscene amount of cash spend it on? In true Ed style, he’s strayed away from the stereotypes of expensive cars and outrageous parties and done what most stars probably wouldn’t even think of – he’s been on a shopping spree in Toy ‘R’ Us!

More specifically, he spent £2,000 on all the things his parents told him he wasn’t allowed to have when he was a child. The stuff of dreams!

He told The Sun “I was like, ‘I was never allowed that pirate ship so I’m having that, wasn’t allowed a Nerf gun so I’m having that, I wasn’t allowed a scooter so I’m having that’.

“I bought roller skates, a yo-yo, those wheelie shoes… I haven’t used half of them but it was just that moment that I’m allowed to now. I bought everything.”

Awesome! We’re actually a little bit jealous. Maybe he should give away a free yo-yo with every copy of his next album – just a thought!

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