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Did B*Witched Have It Right? Double Denim!

For anyone who loved Irish girl band B*Witched, their distinctive double-denim look was about making a statement and being different. Find out more about the nostalgic look here.


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For anyone who loved Irish girl band B*Witched, their distinctive double-denim look was about making a statement and being different from the very generic pop crowd of the late 1990s. For everyone else, it was questionable at best.

While not taking off at the time, fashion has an unusual way of repeating itself. Double-denim was hugely popular in the 70s as anything and everything American spread through the world. Over 40 years later, in 2014, the trend is making a comeback – just a little too late for B*Witched, as the band split in 2002 – although they are working on new material, so who knows, they might take the world by storm this time around.

The band might have been a little too ahead of their time, lacking the foresight of their magical namesakes, but the double-denim, vintage look is predicted to be a hugely popular summer style. To this end, the search for the perfect denim outfit (remove any thoughts of Prisoner Cell Block H) should start now. Whether vintage or new, Levi’s or Wrangler, start your search on as this has the biggest range of jeans ever seen.

Any double denim look has to start with jeans – or a summery jean short alternative. Jeans epitomise what it means to wear denim, and have been around longer than living memory serves. It’s just as common to see people walking down the high street wearing them now, as it was for them to be worn by cowboys in 1930s America. It’s difficult to think of another fashion item that has been so continually popular for such a long period.

Finding a great-looking and well-fitting pair of jeans can be tricky though – this is the only downside to the style. It’s likely the first pair won’t quite fit properly, or the cut might not be as flattering as it appears on the model, but persistence is the key. Everyone wears jeans well, so it’s just a case of exhaustively trying them on until a perfect match is made.

There is no restriction to the standard blue denim look, which can make the search easier. Every shade imaginable is available, which makes putting two items together for the double-denim look a little easier. A look through the fashion trends for 2014/15 from Vogue can be a great starting place for inspiration – even if double denim isn’t their number-one, vintage always is. Making the double-denim look with new jeans but a vintage top can give some intriguing results, which are likely to start conversations.

Did B*Witched have it right? It appears so, at least for some. Not everyone is rushing out to buy multiple denim pieces, but the style can certainly be pulled off if put together with a bit of panache. Watch the fashion pages to see if this trend really does fly this time.

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