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The Best Moments From Bastille’s ‘Wild Wild World’ Tour

As someone who takes fangirling VERY seriously, I ended up at two shows – one in London and one in Nottingham. Y’know, just to make sure I really enjoyed it.

Bastille Reading Festival

Source: Graham Berry

This year saw Bastille release their hugely anticipated second album, Wild World. As someone who was completely obsessed with their debut record Bad Blood, I was among the thousands of fans who couldn’t wait to hear it. Luckily for those of us who bought tickets to their aptly named ‘Wild Wild World Tour‘ months in advance, the band managed to create another exceptional album, and I couldn’t wait to see it come to life.

As someone who takes fangirling VERY seriously, I ended up at two shows – one in London and one in Nottingham. Y’know, just to make sure I really enjoyed it, and enjoy it I did. Check out the very best bits from the ‘Wild Wild Tour’ below…

The Epic Amounts Of Detail

As the band’s very first arena tour in the UK, it feels as though every effort has been made to create the most memorable show possible. All of the ideas from the album have been reflected perfectly in the show – from the sound desk guys wearing ‘Wild World Communications’ lab coats, the pre-show video depicting a news reader practising his lines and waiting to go ‘live’, to the television-themed visuals used throughout the performance.

Taking A Walk With Fans 

Frontman Dan Smith certainly makes the most of the vast space the arenas offer, making sure every single person has a brilliant time. When ‘Flaws’ begins, he jumps down from the stage and hops straight into the crowd, making his way around the entire standing area as he sings, receiving endless hugs and high fives from the excited crowd. After making his way back to the stage at the O2 Arena, Dan apologises for knocking someone’s pint over but something tells me they wouldn’t have minded too much. Not able to stay away from the crowd for long, Dan swaps the stage for an arena balcony to perform ‘Two Evils’, much to the delight of those nearby.

The Second Stage

As he seemingly can’t get enough of getting closer to the crowd, Dan takes to a platform in the middle of each venue with nothing but a microphone and a drum to perform ‘Of The Night’. Signalling the crowd to get down as low as they can before the chorus kicks in, everyone goes wild and creates an incredible party atmosphere. The way Dan can jump around, bang his drum and never miss a note is truly impressive. Certainly one of the highlights of the whole show.

‘Lighters Up’ Moments

Although Bastille’s lyrics can be rather depressing, they’re often sprinkled over a poptastic tune to soften the blow. There are however some straight up emotional songs that slip through the net and boy do they create epic moments in their live shows.  Swapping his drum for a keyboard, Dan sings  ‘Oblivion’ with such power and emotion while the crowd lights up the arena with their phone torches for a breathtaking, goosebumps moment. ‘Fake It’, and ‘Four Walls’ are equally as captivating, showcasing every side of their talents. ‘Glory’ creates another stunning performance as the screens reveals the making of their album cover along with incredible aerial time-lapse views of New York.

Dan Smith’s Dance Moves 

At the risk of turning full fangirl for the next few minutes, I cannot possibly write a post about Bastille‘s show highlights without mentioning Smith’s dancing. Throughout the show, he apologises for how “rubbish” he is but what he doesn’t seem to realise is that it’s one of the most endearing things on this planet. His dancing, combined with his constantly flawless vocals and endless energy make for one incredible front man who it is difficult to take your eyes off of.

If you get the chance to see Bastille live, I strongly suggest you take it.

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