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Banks Feels ‘Icky’ About Her Song On Neon Jungle’s Album

Banks doesn’t have good things to say about Neon Jungle covering her song on their album. Find out more here!

Credit: Facebook

Banks has revealed she felt as though her thoughts had been “stolen” after Neon Jungle released one of her songs titled ‘Waiting Game‘ without asking her on their debut that came out on Monday.

The Neon Jungle girls did a cover of the single February this year and it has now ended up as an album track on their debut ‘Welcome To The Jungle‘.

The original version is set to be on Banks’ debut album too which is yet to be released.

Banks wrote on her Facebook: It makes me feel very uncomfortable. Like my own thoughts were stolen from me and sold as someone else’s.

She then went on to say: A song that was born from my real life, my real heartache, my real fingertips when I was at one of the most confusing times of my life.” 

“I am told it is legal. But it feels really icky,” she said. “I can only hope Waiting Game means as much to Neon Jungle as it did to me when I wrote it.”

What do you guys think? Is it fair Banks’ song was included on someone else’s album without her knowing?

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