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Ariana Grande Faced With Lawsuit

Ariana Grande is faced with a lawsuit over allegedly copying lyrics.


The seemingly squeaky clean mini-Mariah that is Ariana Grande has been slapped with a lawsuit which allegedly accuses her of plagiarism and infringing copyright.

Her debut song, ‘No Way’, which spent 26 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart this year, is the centre of a copyright infringement case of plagiarising.

Minder Music is claiming that The Jimmy Castor Bunch‘s 1972 song ‘Troglodyte’, who own the rights to the song, contains lyrics which “sound similar” to those sung by Grande’s in her song.

The lyrics in question are “What we gotta do right here is go back, back in time,” which is spoken by Mac Miller on Grande’s ‘The Way’, who is featured on the track.

There is a similar line in ‘Troglodyte’ which is “What we’re gonna do right here is go back, way back, back in time.”

According to Minder Music, “the songs’ phrases are strikingly similar in several ways, including but not limited to: nearly identical lyrics; similar enunciation speed with a fast and consistent pace for ‘What we gotta do right’ and a slightly slower pace for ‘here is go back,’ and substantially similar placement at the same places in the respective compositions.”

“The deliberate compositional decision to place the ‘Troglodyte’ Phrase at the beginning of ‘The Way,’ as it appears in ‘Troglodyte’ itself, not only shows a deliberate attempt to copy ‘Troglodyte’ compositionally, but to also evoke ‘Troglodyte’ to the many fans of it,” they added.

Their lawsuit states that Minder Music wants a declaration of wilful infringement and a permanent injunction, as well as $150,000 per infringement and attorney fees to be reimbursed. Ouch!

Check out Ariana Grande‘s song ‘New Way’ below!

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