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Madonna Exposed A Fans Boobs?! Here Are Her Most Outrageous Moments!

When Madge Goes Bad!

Madonna has been at it AGAIN with her controversial behaviour. Madonna has managed to make a fool of herself and it’s ONLY March. On her most recent tour in Australia, Madonna only went and pulled down a fans top, exposing her breasts. She went on to apologise and came out with this controversial one liner, ‘Oh shit, I am so sorry, sexual harassment. You can do the same to me if you’d like.’

After seeing all this talk, we wanted to remind all Madonna fans out there of her other scarcely daring performances over the years.


Flying back to 1989, it seems Madonna’s huge hit, ‘Like A Prayer,’ was the start of her sexual innuendo’s. The official video involved Madonna kissing a Black Jesus Figure and stigmatic imagery, which back then was very taboo. [stupidly!] Unsurprisingly, conservative Catholic and Christian groups weren’t impressed. Maybe Madonna’s ‘F**k it,’ attitude after this video was the beginning of her crazy outbursts.

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