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Lights Chats ‘Up We Go’, Scrapped Songs & Everyone Wearing Her Cat! | Video Interview

You could be wearing her cat very soon!


Source: Rebecca Need-Menear / HTF

Everyone's favourite synth/pop Canadian, Lights, has just released her new single 'Up We Go' here in the UK so we went to visit her to have a good catch up.

As well as finding out the inspiration behind the new single, we delve into her back-catalogue to find out about the songs that never made release, find out how her pet tarantula is getting on and talk about her future plans to make everyone wear her cat!

'Up We Go' is available to buy right now so go and do it - Get it on iTunes here.

Lights will be back in the UK for shows at the start of next year!

Check out some behind the scenes shots from our interview below!


Source: Rebecca Need-Menear

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