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A-Z of Indie Albums: C is for Colour It In (the Maccabees)



C stands for the Maccabees debut Colour It In.

Whilst their 2006 indie counterparts such as the Arctic Monkeys were singing about prostitutes, nights out and running from the cops, the Maccabees had other things on their mind, such as singing about their local swimming pool in Latchmere, or childhood toys in Lego.

It’s this sense of playfulness and childish naivety that makes Colour It In such a great album. The lead singers cutesy voice and lyrics giving the album a strange, quirky sense of charm, notably in stand-out track About Your Dress’ oddly charismatic lyrics; “you stuck out like a sore thumb, the most beautiful sore thumb I’d ever seen”.

The album is a fast paced one, rattling through twelve dazzlingly fast and wonderfully catchy pop songs before Toothpaste Kisses – probably the most famous song from the album – closes the LP with a complete change of pace. It is a classic acoustic love song, mixed with the Maccabees unique lyrics and a fun whistled section. Sure to put a smile on your face, Toothpaste Kisses is a delightful way to finish off a delightful album.

In essence Colour It In was never going to change the world, but it works – it’s a fun, individual album by a group of friends singing about what matters to them; girls, childhood and, of course, swimming.

Songs to Check Out: Precious Time, Latchmere, About Your Dress, Toothpaste Kisses

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