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A-Z of Indie Albums: A is for Alligator (The National)

Our A-Z of Indie Albums is kicks off with the letter A, which album did we pick? Find out here!


Welcome to our new feature: the A-Z of Indie. Each and every week we will be writing about one album starting with each letter of the alphabet; it could be a bona fide classic, it could be an unheard of gem, or perhaps simply just an album we think you need to own. Kicking us off with A this week is Alligator by the National, enjoy!



The National were never an overnight success story. It took two studio albums and six years before this, their third effort, finally begun to get them the critical and commercial success they deserved. They have since gone on to play the Sydney Opera House, gain worldwide fame and sell hundreds of thousands of albums – but it was this incredible album, Alligator, which kick-started their career, and now does the same to our new feature.

Just as beautiful now as when it was released nine years ago, Alligator is a perfect mix of deceivingly gentle tracks such as The Geese Of Beverly Road and energetic, explosive, sometimes even uplifting ones such as Mr November. Matt Berninger’s tired, honest voice shines throughout and Bryan Devendorf’s pounding drums carry the band forward through the consistently brilliant LP.

With its quiet, understated hooks and dark, abstract lyrics Alligator is the very definition of a slow burner, but rest assured: this album will slowly but surely burrow its way into your consciousness and stay there for ever, probably as one of your favourites.

Songs to check out: Daughters of the Soho Riots, Abel, Mr November, The Geese of Beverly Road




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