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U2 Defends Apple LP Giveaway.

U2 has defended the decision to release the album, Songs Of Innocence, to 500 million Apple Users, Read about it here!

Source: Official Facebook

It hasn’t been a great week for U2, after the band’s album Songs Of Innocence was introduced to 500 million Apple Users iTunes without consent, it’s understandable that many people were a little pissed. Up until this moment U2 had been keeping very hush hush about the whole debacle. However they have since issued a statement reporting that 38 million people have apparently given the album a chance and listened.

Appearing on Jo Riley’s Radio Two show Bono responded to the criticism head on saying that it is the bands responsibility to ‘”to stir things up a little bit.” Responding to the criticism which has undoubtedly been following the mega-group this week, he said:

“Really and truly – we get people who might want to delete it but nobody has deleted more U2 songs in the last five years than U2!”

The outrage from those unfortunate enough to have the album downloaded onto every Apple product they own encouraged Apple to release a tool which can erase all traces of Songs Of Innocence.


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